5 Most Common Problems Of Memory Foam Mattresses

In past couple of decades, memory foam mattresses have gained significant popularity almost all across the world for increased level of comfort these bring along, especially if one is willing to invest in the best quality that market has to offer. Though there are many that are available at relatively cheaper rates, but then they always fall short in delivering the desired comfort and luxury one way or the other. So, it is better to avoid such low quality products. However, it still does not mean that high priced and high quality memory foam mattresses have no issues at all. This passage is dedicated to educate you about some of the most common problems associated with memory foam mattresses, which include:

  1. Temperature Sensitivity

 As a matter of fact, temperature sensitivity of memory foam is boasted as one of its major benefits and it surely is, but sometimes this can also become a problem. Over a period of time, many people have reported their memory foam mattresses to sort of overreact to the temperature, turning too hard and cold in colder climate, while turning overly softer and squishy during hotter seasons. This issue can be resolved by choosing a mattress with appropriate firmness like from http://www.mmmpoolservice.com. Experts recommend you tobuy memory foam mattress having 5lb or more as its density level.

  1. High Cost

Though this cannot be associated as a problem with quality of the mattress, but high cost still remains one of the biggest barriers hindering many would-be buyers from buying a memory foam mattress. The cost of high quality memory foam mattresses ranges from $500 to $4,000 and this is not an amount of money that majority of common people can pay for a mattress without hurting their pockets. However, the quality, comfort and luxury that is offered for this price surely justifies the tag.


  1. Odor

Polyurethane, the basic element used in manufacturing memory foam mattress is a chemical substance that is known to produce strong odor, especially when mattress is new. Experts believe this odor to be harmless, but still many people find it quite unpleasant and intolerable during early days. However, it fades away within few days of opening up. One of the most convenient remedies for this is to let the mattress get some air for few days after unpacking, before you bring it in regular use. Yet again, buying a high quality high price mattress will result in such odor disappearing quickly.

  1. Weight

These mattresses are designed to be denser than many other types of mattresses and it makes them considerably heavy. However, this might not be considered as a serious issue, because one does not need moving mattress every other day. Such an issue might be solved by buying the mattress from a dealer willing to deliver it to your home.

  1. Flammability

Many people have shown their concerns regarding the probability of flammability of chemical substances used in memory foam mattresses. However, there are strict regulations set by concerned departments on manufacturing of such mattresses, ensuring to reduce their flammability. Flammability retarding agents are used by manufacturers that are not only safe, but also a great help in diminishing fire in case of any accidents.


Though here http://www.interiordecoratorcourse.com are some problems (as with almost any other thing) associated with memory foam mattresses, but the comfort and luxury they offer you in return make them a worthwhile option to try.