5 Fantastic Fall Fishing Spots in Iowa

Among many kept secrets activities in Iowa is the fall fishing. Many anglers in Iowa like fishing this season mainly because it’s the best time to relax and enjoy the waters, with stunning pictures and small crowds. Equally important, cool temperatures prompt fish to start looking for food, and this means a lot for the streams and lakes in Iowa.

fall fishing spots

Here are five fantastic fall fishing spots in Iowa:

1.      Central Iowa, Summer State Park

Fly fishing is not only meant for travelers who visit the northeast Iowa. Banner Lake South in Central Iowa is an excellent destination for cold-weather trout fishing.  There are about 18 lakes in Iowa that are ideal for fishing during the fall weathers. These areas are attractive to introduce tourist to try fall fishing. Visitors love banner Lake South because of its crystal-clearwater, and it is situated between Indianola and Des Moines.

2.      West Okoboji, Dickinson County

The lake is a favorite tourist spot in summer, but the anglers favorite fishing hub during fall. Catching fish here is impressive while enjoying the beautiful scenery makes the whole experience immemorial. Some of the fish found here include largemouth bass, smallmouth, Muskie, and panfish.

Also, there are numerous rock reefs, vegetation lines, as well as drop-offs. You can even consider Storm Lake in Buena Vista County and Silver Lake in Dickinson County: they are both ideals for fall walleye fishing.

3.      Decorah

Decorah is another great place that offers plenty of easily accessible fishing spots. You can begin your fishing at the Bow String Bridge Park and find your way to the trout hatchery. You can visit the place with your children so that they can get to see a lot of trout raised here.

Different campgrounds, trout streams, eateries, small shops: all these are found within a short distance. You can also consider other locations in the area.

4.      Little River Lake, Leon

Little River Lake is located just one hour from Des Moines. This tourist destination is a great place for fall fishing.  A few years ago, the lake was renovated, and it is now producing plenty of largemouth bass, bluegill, walleye, and channel catfish.

The lake features a little campground at the shore, and it is also easy to access, as well as near restaurants and stores. Others places to consider the Green Valley Lake and Twelve Mile Lake near Creston. The two lakes are abundant in bluegill and crappie.

5.      Mississippi River

The whole 312 miles of the Mississippi River is ideal for fishing during fall. However, you will need to have a boat to fish here. There are also different types of fish in the river. Some of the best species to fish here include the Sylvan Slough are in plenty at dam 15 and Lock near Davenport, or Walleye at Dam 17 or south of Muscatine near Lock. You can also find boat ramps near dams and lock at all these areas.

Other destinations to consider include Lost Grove Lake in Scott County as well a Lake Belva Dee in Keokuk County: some of the species in plenty include bass and bluegill. These places have been renovated and are now full of different types of fish.

Iowa is an excellent place for tourists to visit.  It has beautiful sceneries and offers some of the best fishing experiences in the world. The above are just but a few of the many best places for fall fishing in Iowa. Consider them the next time you are on vacation here.

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