5 Facts about Chow-Chow Panda Dog

Every dog has a power to win the hearts. No matter what the size is or breed maybe; these furry friends can do wonders for you. You can feel so rich and happy in their company. But yes, it is always your choice to pick a breed that is as per your choice and preference. There is no need to come up with a breed that has nothing to do with your lifestyle. It is always better to pick a breed that fits in with your family in the best possible manner.

You can go for Chow-chow panda dog if you want. You would easily get Chow-chow panda dog for sale. Anyhow, before you take any decision about the dog breed you are keeping; it is always good to do some sort of homework beforehand. Now this breed of Panda Chow Chows has its own diverse characteristics and trademarks.  These are chow chows but what makes these distinct is their white colour that is extremely rare in the chow-chow breed.  You know unlike pandas, the puppies get their distinct colouring not from nature, but right from black dye. Yes you heard it right. It is painted on their fur and it has become a craze that started recently in China. There are some interesting facts about these panda chow-chow dogs and some of them are as under:

  1. Black tongues

Ah, you might have heard about pink or red tongues but have you ever imagined a black or blue one? You know the black or blue tongue is a distinguished characteristic of the chow-chow breed.  Their tongues make them look really different and are undoubtedly a fascinating feature of this breed.

  1. Personality is unique

These Chow chows are not generally social, outgoing dogs. They incline to be aloof with the strangers and can be angry or aggressive with other dogs. It is fitting with their extensive history as guard dogs for both the homes and livestock. Remember that early socialization with other furry friends, pets and people is really important in the case of this breed. Chow chows can become annoyance barkers if their alarm barking is not measured. You have to train your dog to be within a limit when it comes to barking. If it goes unchecked, it might become a nuisance. Of course, once you have moulded your beloved pet, it won’t be an annoyance anymore. It is all about how you train him and keep the control. Chow-chow puppy is really cute to have and you should try having them in your family. These might give you some of the cutest and most memorable moments of life.

  1. Training is little tricky

Chow chows are really intelligent and there is no doubt about their smartness. But yes one thing that you have to be careful about is that they have both an independent and a really stubborn streak.  Since it is the case training them may be a challenge. If you want your Chow-chow to do well in competitions, then they do require a patient, firm trainer who has plenty of innovation. Chow chows are ferociously protective and require a good amount of training to control this protecting tendency. So, you might have to take some moves with their training and else would be taken care of. Once they are trained in the right manner; they are not going to create any type of irritation.

  1. Their lifestyle for you

Chow chows are really dedicated to and protective of the families they live in. To make these beings good family pets, you might have to do some efforts.  These fellows need plenty of initial socialization like exposure to children. Chow chows do pretty great rather best with training to elucidate their position in the family.   If they aren’t given proper training, they can become even dominant. Despite the tests of training, some chow chows do compete and do really well in agility and obedience.

Remember talking about grooming, it varies with the coat type. A rough-coated chow-chow does great with a regular grooming to keep him free of jumbles. Smooth-coated dogs can easily be groomed fleetingly once or twice in a week. Special attention must be paid to keeping their eyes and the facial folds absolutely clean because the plentiful coat can hold dirt and debris. It would be good if you keep an eye on their fur and overall coat so as to keep them hygienic and clean. It would be your duty to maintain their cleanliness. Of course, these dogs look really gorgeous but cleanliness has to be preserved. And yes the best dog food for chow-chow breed would be meat, Wet and dry lamb and rice, pedigree, chew sticks, and so on. Actually, it can differ from owner to owner.

  1. Their Interesting History

The chow-chow is perhaps the eldest of the Chinese breeds of dogs.  This breed can be traced back for more than thousands of years, and it is frequently questioned whether the chow-chow developed from spits-kinds dogs or whether spitz-type dogs emerged from the chow-chow. Don’t forget that this chow-chow was a dog of various hats right from the beginning. These dogs have been popularly known as sled pullers, livestock guarders, and hunters and, unfortunately for them, at times dinner. Their name chow-chow might come from the Chinese “chou” for edible. The chow-chow breed reached the Western arena in the late 1800s and started an increase to the popularity that has landed it in the top-ten American Kennel Club breeds. You should also note that the breed has not fared really well in its own land where plenty of chow chows were removed during the Cultural Revolution. But now the breed is cherished for its distinct traits and characteristics.

Thus, what do you feel about this breed? Come on, you can have this smarty at home and in your family. You should try them out after all everybody is going crazy about the breed. Of course, its panda like looks are always an additional delight.