5 Essentials For A Functional and Futuristic Home Design

Our home design needs to serve a lot of different purposes. Most people think that home design is only concerned with making your home look better, but having the right home design will also make your home more functional and livable for everyone who enters. Having this kind of overall appeal in your home is something that will impress any guests who decide to step inside your home.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by adopting a futuristic home design. Futuristic home designs not only have the appeal that few other designs can possess, but the designs are also created around easier livability and more practical function. Having a sleek and modern home that provides you every available comfort is the ideal way to live. Here are five essentials for a functional and futuristic home design.

Clean Lines Throughout Your Home

Nothing says modern and futuristic better than clean lines. You can incorporate this look into any part of your home design, from the crown molding on your celling to your appliances in your kitchen, clean lines can be found in any of your home interiors and will create a sleek and modern look for your home. You can even fake clean lines by using paint strategically on your walls.  Clean lines are also easier to keep clean than more ornate pieces.

Color Changing Wall

This may sound a little outrageous and unnecessary, but the technology for a color from http://www.biopolymerics.org changing wall is not even that advanced or expensive. You can use LED lights behind glass panels that allow you to change the color of your wall with the flip of a switch. This is great for creating different moods for your room. For example, use blue tones for a relaxing feel and yellow for more excitement.

A Hovering Bathtub

What is more serene that sitting in your bathtub relaxing and literally floating in the air. You can find the ultimate escape in a floating bathtub. Suspend your bathtub from the ceiling or walls for an escape unlike any other right inside your home. Suspended bathtubs are also easier to clean, and often, most models use less water than traditional bathtubs.

A Touch Screen Kitchen Table

This is an out-of-this-world option for those who want to spare no expense and go for the ultimate wow factor. A touch screen table allows you to unlock storage compartments, know what temperature your food is and check things like your daily schedule and the weather.

Smart Home Security

Even more important than having the perfect home design to impress your guests is making sure that your home and everything inside it is always safe. Home security systems have made great improvements to not only look more sleek and modern along with the rest of your home design, but also to make home security easy and convenient for you and your family. Check out http://www.BuildGreenAtlantic.org for up-to-date technology that will keep your home looking great and feeling safe no matter what.