5 Dominating SEO trends of this year

It is almost known to everyone associated with SEO and digital marketing services that how volatile the spectrum is? If you are a small business owner and you are already assisted by an SEO company with a good reputation and proficiency then they must have shared with you the latest trends in the search engine optimization this year.After the constant market survey and considering the demands, the latest trends are set by the experts. It can be the implementation of new rules or techniques but all of that aim in one thing- that is user-friendly search results.

Google and other search engines presently are only focusing on catering the traffic with the exact information that they are looking for. The search engine mogul is leaving no stone unturned to assisting the traffic with the most refined search results with accurate information and quality content whether in the form of writing, podcast, or video. Businesses availing search engine optimization by Webryze are always updated with the latest trends and following that the SEO experts here strategize their next steps in optimizing the sites.

If you are still not aware of the latest SEO trends, it’s time to come in the light. Know the trends mentioned hereby—

Mobile optimization with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

This year will witness the rise of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), an open-source protocol helping webmasters to create pages for the mobile devices capable to opening quickly than the usual speed. By doing some simple technical and structural changes by the search engine marketing team, you can find the magical increase of speed of your site. By increasing the four times speed by using eight times less data, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) can simply do a drastic update on the site.

Dense content is replacing the old writings

Give your readers something new and fresh in the name of content. It’s high time when Google is not allowing the fluff and filler content anymore. The bite-sized content of the earlier times was replaced by the epic ones and now they are concentrating more on the dense content. By ignoring the word limits the SEO company optimizing your website will also do the same by following the latest trend to achieve better rankings in the SERPs. Readers are now supposed to be served with dense content with the best possible information on a user-friendly platform will zero filler.

Video content

Video content is replacing the wordy content drastically. It’s all because of the time-saving option and also for the effect of the AV that stimulates mind, eyes, and ears at a time. Instead of reading the verbose content, a certain section of usersis only interested in clicking on the video button and play the content in the video format.

Impress Google with User Experience Optimization (UEO)

Soon going to be as popular as SEO, UEO, the abbreviation of User Experience Optimizationwill be a matter of concern this year for the webmasters wishing to put more efforts in helping users specifically the mobile users. Google prefers sites with all the ingredients of mobile optimization.

Era of the apps

Last but not the least this year the apps will be more loved by the users for its faster and smarter features.

So, by following these latest SEO trends you can boost the search engine marketing to the next level.