5 dog breeds that are the best to have around kids

While growing up, a kid needs to be taught many different lessons that will help them to develop as sensible and responsible adults. At the same time they also need to become more open and accepting. There are many life lessons that you can give a kid but if you are able to give them experiences that will help them to learn these lessons on their own, you are imbibing in them all the characteristics of a good human being. A pet in the house is the best way to give them these experiences.

A pet can a kid’s best friend. It has been proved that kids with pet dogs around the house grow up to be more responsible and with better immunity, when compared to kids without pets. Among the most loved pets, a dog is definitely the most popular breed of choice. There are many different Protective Dog Breeds who will make a brilliant pet for your child. Here are the 5 dog breeds that are the best to have around babies and young kids.


Bulldogs are definitely one of the most popular pets among kids. They have a very friendly and caring nature but at the same time they are extremely caring and protective around kids. When you have a bulldog in your house, be ready for a lot of laughter as they are very amusing. Bulldogs are very easy to look after as well.


Beagles are definitely one of the most curious dogs around. They are very merry and will want to be among your family members at all times. They can be quite slow at times, making them a good choice around young kids. Due to their height they do not get up on furniture as well.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are very friendly and at the same time extremely loyal as well. If you want your kid to grow up around a dog that they can play with and who will protect your kids, then this is the ideal choice for you.


Labradors is the most popular breed of pet dogs due to their outgoing and friendly nature. Your children will want to spend a lot of time outside playing with their energetic pet. Labradors are very easy to take care of and love to be around other people.

Bull Terrier

Though they can be mischievous at times, Bull Terriers are very friendly and loyal. Their clownish nature is a great treat for kids and they are very playful around babies as well. They are very active but when needed they calm down easily as well, making them a perfect pet for young kids.

These 5 dog breeds are best fit when you have a kid at home. It is an excellent idea to have a pet dog at home while your kids are growing up. They will not only become more loving but they will understand the importance of responsibilities from a very young age. It helps in their overall development.