5 Differences between men and women

In the age of equality, we’re used to hearing that men and women are the same and that we all are equal.

Well, that’s true if we refer to the equivalency of value in every person but when it comes to biochemistry and cerebral activity it is undeniable that girls and boys are definitely very different and that we function in particular ways according to our biological sex. In that matter, we reunited some of the most notorious and curious differences between feminine and masculine and we’re sure that you all we’ll feel quite identified with most of them.

Information organization

    Men usually separate information on their brains on topics. So, the topic “work” has nothing to do with topic “family” and it’s quite probable that men try to not mix them up. On the other hand, women link everything with everything so it’s very difficult for them to separate one thing from another. The “cliché” men think only about sex and escorts – it is still only cliché.

Worries and stress

    Even though reasons are still on study, statistics are proof that women tend to worry a lot more than men do and therefore, stress also increases a lot more on women than it does to men. The problem is that, while men are good regulating their neurons, a study from the Molecular Psychiatry magazine indicates that women tend to be more sensitive to the release of CRF which is the damaging effect of stress.

Space Orientation

    A Norwegian experiment on the hippocampus activity on men and women determined that when lost, this activity increases in men achieving a better orientation sense, while in women the frontal cortex is more usually activated generating a sense of chaos that prevents them from orientate.

The way they see

    It’s very common to hear that men can’t find anything and that women find things in a second. That’s because the sense of sight which is totally different in both sexes; while men watch directionally like a tunnel or a flashlight, women have a wide peripheral view which improves its capacity of finding things.

When it comes to feelings…

    It is no secret that women are more talkative and that is very probable that if you’re willing to hear, a woman will tell you everything she feels and what’s going on in her mind without hesitating. Men, on the other hand, are really hard to reach and tend to be quiet and close with their feelings and thoughts.