5 Best Places to Raise a Family

Settling down is a huge step for anyone. The decision to start and raise a family is not to be taken lightly. While some choose to do that in the place where they’ve lived their whole lives, there are many who choose to look for a different place to call home for one reason or another.

If you are one of those who feel that a different place is where you need to be while you raise your family, you’d feel at ease knowing that there are many states that are known to be family-friendly. Some of the top things that people look for in a place to raise a family are the cost of living, availability of kid-friendly areas, quality of education, and safety and security.

We looked at Niche’s list of best cities to raise a family to help you in your search.Here are the top ten:

1. Naperville.

Located in Illinois, Naperville ranks first in Niche’s list of best cities for families and second in best cities to live in America. It got the top spot for families simply because it ranks first in cities with the best public schools, as well as in safety. Although some people feel that Naperville is too quiet with nothing much to do, this is exactly what makes it appealing for many families who have chosen to live there.

2. The Woodlands.

Located in Texas, the Woodlands ranks high in best cities to live in and best cities to buy a house in America. This bustling city offers an abundance of nature, entertainment, quality schools, and amazing job opportunities. The weather in Texas is appealing and conducive for all the outdoor activities that are offered. If what you are after is a place close to nature, easy access to everything you need, and a family-friendly atmosphere, The Woodlands is the place for you and your family!

3. Columbia.

Maryland is another state known for many of its family-friendly places and Columbia is the best it has to offer. Although the cost of living in Columbia is not exactly among the lowest, the availability of good public schools, the safety, and the accessibility to many key places, puts it high among the best cities for raising a family. Columbia also ranks fourth in the overall list of best cities to live in America and eight in the list of best cities to buy a house in America.

4. Ann Arbor.

Although the weather in this Michigan is not the best you can have, the other things it offers makes up for it. It takes the number one spot in Niche’s list of best cities to live in America and the third spot in the list of cities with the best public schools. Living in Ann Arbor gives you a lot of opportunities to focus on health and fitness. The community is environmentally- conscious and diverse.

5. Plano.

Texas offers a lot of family-friendly cities and Plano is just the second one on the list. A lot of people have come to realize the perks of living in Texas which explains why there are a lot of people moving to this Southern state. Aside from the good number of high quality public schools, you can also count on a diverse community, excellent health and fitness opportunities, and plenty of affordable housing – it ranks number one in the list of best cities to buy a house in America.
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