4 Great Activities At A Funhouse Birthday Party

It is never easy to organize a fun birthday party for your kid and his friends. You have to put a lot of thought and work to make sure it’s something the kids haven’t done before always dreading that they might get bored fast. It’s even harder knowing that you can’t really test your idea anywhere so basically the baptism in fire will occur at the party itself.

Coming up with something original is great and sure is a lot of fun, but the amount of time you have to put in can be overwhelming. You can easily avoid all that and book a fun house with a plethora of activities. Uptown Jungle is a place where kids can have the time of their lives while parents can sit back and relax. Here are just some of the things you can do at a fun house:

Obstacle Run

This is a fun activity basically for all ages, and kids just love it because it’s perfect for them to spend that extra energy and it is also healthy given it’s physical activity and all. Kids can run, jump, climb, roll and have an amazing time. These courses are all unique and can be set up very easily. Some fun houses also have multiple different obstacle runs for different ages and difficulty levels.

Mini Zipline

The thing about these fun houses is that all the parents would love to do all those activities themselves. Seeing their kids’ eyes wide open, filled with joy and excitement is a reward enough. No one can say no to a zip line. We’ve all seen adventure movies like Indiana Jones or Tarzan and being able to relive that experience through your kid in a funhouse is just awesome. There are also options in terms of design, but this ride is not difficult as it requires the kids to just hold on to a sack hanging from a rope which is attached to a hook on the ceiling that automatically moves back and forth. The speed and height can also be adjusted depending on kids’ age, and it is also perfectly safe from falling because the floors are all covered in safety rubber.

Ball Pit For Toddlers

There are also areas for very small children where they can uninterruptedly enjoy themselves. It is basically a small room filled with rubber balls and it just seems like a perfect stress reliever where even adults would want to jump in and have a go. This is another fun activity where you, as a parent, don’t have to worry about your kid. Have a cup of coffee, sit back and have some time for yourself while the kids are having a blast. It’s clean, it’s safe and most importantly it is a lot of fun.


Such a basic concept, yet so thrilling. Everyone knows what slides are, but the difference here is that a funhouse offers much more. These super slides are bigger and the rides last longer and are more varied. At the bottom, instead of simply landing on your feet, kids can fall into a big pile of soft rubber balls. These super slides can be connected to an obstacle course thus enabling a seamless flow of active fun. 

Why Pick A Funhouse?

It is a summary of all the things kids would do in a park but in a safe playhouse environment where you can afford to look away thanks to trained staff that makes sure nobody gets hurt. Once you take them to a funhouse they would definitely want to come back again because there’s so much fun to be had all in one place and it is guaranteed to be one of those ‘’best birthday ever’’ moments.