4 Essentials To Have The Best Skin Foundation

Removing appearance flaws such as lines and wrinkles is what every woman desires to achieve, especially those who are aging. Finding the perfect foundation for your face is not always easy. You need to consider several things to achieve the desired effect on your dear face.

Here are four essential tips to help you become beautiful all day long:

Identify Your Skin Type                                                                              

There are different types of human skin such as the following:

  • Normal skin: This is a fair type of skin. Your skin is “eudermic” if your skin is healthy.
  • Dry skin: The skin becomes dry because of a lack of sebum production in the body. There’s no enough lipid needed to sustain the moisture that helps to protect the skin against external factors.
  • Oily skin: Seborrhea is the excessive production of sebum in the body causing the skin to become oily.
  • Combination skin: This type is a mix of the different kinds of skin mentioned above.

Know the Type of Foundation You Need

There are various kinds of face foundation the most common are the following:

  • Liquid foundation: This may not be popular to many because it glides on quickly. The advantage of using this product is for people with dry and combination skin types. It works best for those with large patches on the skin. Tip: Shake the liquid foundation before using to prevent separation inside the bottle.
  • Powder foundation: This is the most definitive type of face foundation. It’s easy to apply and provides a lightweight appearance. A lot of people use it for convenience as they can easily carry through a compact case.

Best Skin Foundation

Use the Right Foundation According to Season

The season can impact how your skin looks. Consider these:

  • A foundation that gives a lighter shade is perfect during winter.
  • During summer, it’s ideal to pick a foundation with a dark color to emphasize your beauty.

Find a Base with the Right Shade

Choose a base closest to your natural skin tone. Here a guide for you:

  • A beige foundation will help you improve your complexion if you have a yellow skin tone.
  • Choose apricot or dark shades if you have a dark skin type.

Choose the Best Face Foundation Provider

There lots of various face foundations available on the market. The question is where you can find the best product for you? The truth is they don’t have the same finish and can’t suit all kinds of skin. Clarins Malaysia Online has won a lot of consumers by providing excellent foundations for aesthetic purposes. Clarins offers 74 shades of face foundations to suit your needs to have a smooth and even appearance.

Good to know: Experts suggest applying a moisturizing product or a base before putting make-up brings a perfect result by evening out the complexion.

One More Thing Before You Go

Preparing your face with face foundation before vamping up is part of the fundamental rule of makeup. To avoid having a wrong shade or a cakey foundation, pick the best foundations for you with Clarins Malaysia Online. Through a wide range of beauty products, Clarins guarantees to provide you with an excellent complexion all day long.