3 Reasons You Should Have A Regular Family Doctor

Your family’s health is incredibly important and whilst we would all love to think that we will sail through our lives without any problems and then gently slip away in our sleep, the truth is that this is almost an uncertainty. I was speaking with a colleague recently about the importance of having a regular family doctor like John Bradberry, something which is becoming more and more difficult for families.

The reason this is becoming more difficult is because we are all moving around a lot more, few of us spend our lives in the same town all of our lives and doctors are no different which means that it can be difficult to have a family doctor who treats the whole family. If you do have the opportunity to have a family doctor then here are 5 reasons why you should take the chance with both hands for the improved health for your family.

Age Range

Family doctors treat people in their teens, toddlers, pensioners and those in middle age which means that they are exposed to a large range of health issues and have experienced a great deal. This means that diagnoses of problems will be quicker and far more efficient as a result of past experience. In hospitals for examples, each doctor has a particular speciality, they may be able to help with a range of conditions but generally speaking they will be specialized, a family doctor has a far greater understanding of a broader range of problems.

They Know Your History

Having regular doctor for a long period of time not only means that they will know your own personal history well which can help for diagnosis, repeat health issues or noticing when something is different. Family doctors will also have a full understanding of the history of your family and can keep an eye out for genetic diseases or health problems. This kind of family knowledge is something that medical records will not always be able to tell people and having a doctor with prior knowledge of your family is always a good thing.

Better Suited Specialist

If you should need a specialist at any time then your family doctor will already have an understanding of what type of person you are and what kind of specialist they should put you in touch with. For example if you get nervous around medical professionals then your family doctor will be aware of this and be able to put you in touch with someone who has a better bedside manner and can put you at ease.

The familiarity that having a doctor can provide you with can help all of the family in feeling comfortable at the doctors, it can improve the chances of early diagnosis and it will also make the doctor’s life a lot easier to see regular patients. When children come along they may have nerves when they first go to the doctor and having a doctor who is just like a family friends can help everyone to feel at ease.