3 Good Reasons to go to the Mountains in the Alps in winter

Here are our 3 good reasons to go to the mountains in the Alps in winter. Then there is of course skiing but the different resorts of the alpine massifs offer many other activities. We deliver you 5Alpiner favorites. Experiences with strong sensations for some who will give you, hopefully, want to go to the mountains this winter. Welcome to the long honey moon Travel Blog. By the way, we are Franck and Richard.

3 good reasons to go to the mountains in the Alps in winter

The good plan to go to the mountains this winter

And before going for fun in the powder, you must already choose your station and get there. You should test the Go Euro ticket comparator which has selected the 10 best ski resorts in the French Alps and which offers just the best travel offers to get to these resorts in the Alps by joining the bus, train and air . Super practical! 4 criteria allowed achieving this ranking: access to the station in transport, the proposed activities of discovery on land or in the air, possible outings, the possibility of extreme sports. The good plan that simplifies the organization of his stay on the transport side! So, ready to go to the mountains?

  1. The “Not in a vacuum” in Chamonix

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, the mythical and authentic ski resort. Everything starts at the foot of the Aiguille du Midi cable car in Chamonix Mont-Blanc. We arrived early in the morning to enjoy as leisurely as possible the panoramic view of the snow-capped peaks from the summit of Mont Blanc and the attraction of “Not in the void”. Only some brave and passionate extreme skiers accompany us. Indeed, up there begins the famous descent of the VallĂ©e Blanche , the longest ski slope in the world starting from a glacier accessible by cable car.

The climb that quickly becomes quite steep while gaining altitude takes place in a modern panoramic cabin that already allows to enjoy an impressive view of the resort of Chamonix and the valley. We are lucky, the weather is clear. The doors of the gondola then open at the level of the clouds which dot the sky. At 3842 meters altitude, the show is downright incredible! We are left speechless. The pictures speak for themselves.

It is up there that the activity of “Not in the void” takes place. It is in a cube of glass suspended in the void at the top of a wall that one lends itself to the play of the photo. Quite impressive!

The attraction is obviously totally secure. You have to put slippers on so you do not scratch the glass. That’s to say! Activity is still discouraged if you are afraid of emptiness.

To learn more, we invite you to meet us at the top of the Aiguille du Midi in this post of our blog trip to Chamonix. We also give you some good tips to eat well and sleep well in Chamonix .

  1. The sea of ice in Chamonix

It all starts at the Montenvers railway station. We embark for 5 km in a small red cogwheel train to the sea of ice in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. In 20 minutes aboard this mythical train, we first cross fir forests by finding ourselves on certain portions on the cliff or on vertiginous viaducts. The high mountain rather mineral eventually wins. The doors of the cogwheel train open at 1913 meters above sea level.

Up there, stay up in a gondola for a few minutes and go down nearly 400 steps to reach the glacier bed. 400 steps that will have to be reassembled then!. The show below is beautiful despite the impressive melting of the glacier for the past 30 years.

Find our adventures in the sea of ice in Chamonix with all the tips to live you also this experience in the mountains in winter.

  1. Unusual activity: Descent of Sarenne at sunset

Here is the last unusual activity that will give you, we hope, want to go to the mountains this winter: the downhill skiing of the Sarenne, the famous black run of the Alpe d’Huez, at sunset!

During the Sarenne Sunset experience, you first reach an altitude refuge on the edge of the Blanc peak which rises to 3300 meters. We then enjoy the incredible view of the Massif des Rousses which blushes beautifully at sunset. There follows a descent of 16 km unforgettable and incredible at the last light of the day. The descent of Sarenne is of course framed and reserved for good skiers. Here is how we lived our descent from Sarenne. You’ll notice that it’s been a bit special for us.