2018 Audi A4 All-road Wagon is a near perfect car, check out why

Audi is a German automaker that is renowned all over the world as one of the best passenger car manufacturers in the world. Audi A4 is a premium compact family sedan, one of the best in the market. Audi A4 All-Road Wagon is basically just a sedan with a bigger boot. It retains all the A4’s features and also has excellent off-road capabilities too. So, if you choose to travel with your family to the mountains or go hiking, this can serve as a great option.


There aren’t many wagons in the market and not many with this level of capability. Audi A4 All-road Wagon faces the toughest competition from its cousins, the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, and Golf Allroad. Golf also has a good amount of space, but only the Allroad has comparable off-road capabilities. The SportWagen has lower ground clearance, which is better suited to the tarmac. In terms of safety and cabin comfort, the Audi A4 Wagon is miles ahead. It has a near perfect performance when all the important parameters such as luxury, performance and active safety features are considered.

Let us look at the number of advantages the car has to offer to its potential customers and the existing customers. There are a few shortcomings but they are overcome by the number of advantages.

Features and Specifications

Considering the Audi A4 allroad review it is a large luxury SUV but has only two rows for the comfort. It can accommodate 5 passengers in its luxurious cabin. three adult passengers can sit in the rear row and two in the front row. The fuel economy, however, is something that should be noted. The car gives an average of 22 mpg on the city roads and an average of 30 on the highways. There are no options available in terms of drivetrain. Only drivetrain available is an all-wheel-drive version of the car. The engine is massive and is rated at 252 horsepower. There are no options available in the engines too.

What do we like about the car?

There are a number of positives of buying the new Audi A4 Wagon. One of the significant features of the car is its cabin. Audi A4 Wagon offers one of the nicest cabins in the class. The posh interior justifies the price tag of the car too. Moreover, the seating inside the car is quite comfortable. All the passengers in both the rows can sit comfortably without having to worry about the headroom and the legroom. There is an added advantage for the driver too. Even with the added heft, the A4 wagon offers agile and nimble handling along with the driver assistance features. The passengers can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride no matter how long the journey is.

What do we not like about the car?

The large luxurious cars are not really known for the great fuel efficiency. In a similar way, the Audi A4 Allroad Wagon does not have an impressive fuel economy. This is a major drawback of the car. The transmission can also be an issue sometimes. It can prove to be sluggish and the shifting can be slow at times. The car also gets beaten in the price tag. Most of the wagons start at a lower base price than the Audi A4 wagon. This could prove to be a deciding factor for some customers.

What is new for 2019?

There have been a number of additions in the 2019 model. the additions are mainly in the segment of the standard features. the inclusion of heated seats is a standard feature which is available through all the variants now. The higher versions can now enjoy more features and the other packages which are shuffled amongst the higher trims.

Should you buy one?

Wagons are much cooler than sedans, although not many people would agree with this statement. Only the smarter gear-heads will appreciate the beauty of these cars. If you are looking for a truly good people carrier, the Audi A4 Allroad is a great option. It is quite expensive though, so be ready to shell out some serious cash for this car.