10 Mesmerizing Cakes To Bring A Smile On Your Mother’s Face

Mother’s Day is an event celebrated every year to honour mothers of the family. It is celebrated to salute the motherhood and strengthen the bond with the children. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May whereas some other countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, U.K that celebrate the occasion in the month of March. Every year children celebrate Mother’s Day by giving their mother flower, gifts, and cake. For making the day more memorable there are some special Mother’ Day cakes which you can gift to your mother.

  1. Photo Cake

Moments are precious and when they are captured in a frame. Surprise your mother with your best memory with her on this beautiful photo cake and enjoy the deliciousness baked with loads of love.

  1. Fruit cake

These cakes are made with fresh fruits which are the rich source of nutrients. For her healthy life and well being, it is the best-suited cake you can give her on this Mother’s Day. This special Mother’s Day cake will make her day fruitful and memorable.

  1. Three Tier Cake

Pick flavours of your choice with special ingredients and make it more eminent to make her day memorable. The royalty of the cake will honour her and make her day one of the most cherished one.

  1. Funfetti Rainbow cake

Rainbow is a symbol of power and glory, so do our mothers. They shine brighter than the sky and remind us of the beautiful time after the thunderstorm. This cake symbolizes the similar prestige of mothers in our lives.

  1. Strawberry Swirls cake

It is the cake know for its purity and freshness. The cream is specially prepared with lots of love and care. Stir sweetness on their special day with these beautiful swirl cakes. The stunning floral shapes on the cake depict her charming smile.

  1. Jar Cake

Each scoop of these jar cakes will take her to the cloud nine of food satisfaction. The cakes which are only meant for her. The combo flavour with delicious cream inside it will definitely mesmerize her on this special day.

  1. Classic Pineapple Cake

For mothers with a simple and sweet taste, this cake is best suited for them on this occasion. The deliciousness of the cake and pineapple flavour reflects her calm nature and a simple yet classy personality.

  1. Red Velvet cake

Velvet has historically been a rich, expensive fabric. This signifies, the richness of flavour in this cake. To relish the appetizing flavour, one must surprise her mother with this rich beauty.

  1. Rabri Cake

Rabri is an all-time favourite dessert of Indians. Withthree layers of rabri-flavoured cake, it is adorned with butterscotch chunks by the sides, and pistachios are sprinkled on the top along with rabri in the centre. Your mom cannot resist this decadent cake made with rich flavours and garnished with saffron.

  1. Heart Cake

With all the love and care in your heart, this cake will make her feel delighted with the very first bite.The shape of the cake resembles your love for her. The taste and flavour will definitely dazzle her.