10 Best IT Certification Courses to Launch Your Career

A career in Information Technology is extremely rewarding. This article sheds light on the best IT certification courses in India.

Rapid and continuous progress in information technologyserve to open up a multitude of job opportunities. If you are looking at a fulfilling career path in information technology, be ready to chalk out your career plans today. You will need to be clear about which area of study you need to choose from among the various information technology courses available.

The right IT training institute in your chosen field can help you set up for a successful career, but only when you enroll for the best IT certification course.

So, which are the best IT certification courses? Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Big data analytics

This booming field involves the analyses of large amounts of data being generated with digital technology and several offline sources. IT certification courses help you carve a career as a Hadoop Developer, data scientist, data administrator etc.

  1. Digital marketing

While traditional marketing practices still rule the roost, digital marketing is on a rapid rise. It is an umbrella term used for the finer aspects of digital marketing technologies. IT training and certification in the discipline have become more crucial than ever.

  1. Web Development

Yet another critical area, among the popular IT certification courses here include Google Developers Certification for web development, Microsoft Developer Certification and Adobe Certified Expert Certification.

  1. Python

This programming language is widely used to create several apps, mobile games etc. Python developer courses are rising in prominence and are much preferred Among the many information technology courses, one to become a certified Python developer is very popular as well.

  1. Information Security Management

As a Certified Information Security Manager, you will design and create security protocols. This is a very critical responsibility among the IT functions in an organisation, and the job is also a lucrative one. Be prepared for intensive IT training in the subject.

  1. Ethical Hacking

A rapidly growing field, ethical hacking is one of the most exciting disciplines in IT training. A Certified Ethical Hacker certification is necessary for any IT professional responsible for data and network security.

  1. DevOps

DevOps involves the use of multiple tools and hence, there exist IT certification courses in each. Among the popular ones are Certified Chef Developer, Certified Jenkins Engineer, Docker Certified Associate Level, etc.

  1. Cloud Computing

Another important area in IT training is cloud computing. Certification in Azure and AWS training is offered by leading IT bellwethers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

  1. ITIL® Foundation certification

IT professionals to help organisations manage everyday operations are always in demand. Herein, a certified ITIL® Foundation Service Management Professional will be a great asset to a company.

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Created by the Project Management Institute (PMI), this is one of the most recognised and sought-after project management certifications available among all IT certification courses.

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