How to Choose an Ankle Brace

Jaymes Granata MD is a foot and ankle specialist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the services offered at the clinic is offering supportive bracing and footwear.

A common solution to ankle fractures is an ankle brace. Unless you have fractured your ankle before, it can be difficult to know how to choose an ankle brace.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing an ankle brace including:

1.      Type of Brace

There are several types of ankle braces to choose from, which gives you a lot of variety. Regardless of the type, the ankle brace should serve its purpose which is to offer support to your ankle.

A common type of ankle brace are sleeves. They fit snugly around the ankle and are often made from elastic fabric.

There are also wraps or straps which are adjustable using a fastening mechanism. Another type of ankle brace is the ankle lace up, which are often designed for individual athletes and have laces.

Finally, you have rigid ankle braces which are firm and meant to prevent the ankle from moving.

2.      Fit and Size

You will have to seriously consider the size of an ankle brace. The size will determine how well it fits your ankle.

In most cases your measurements will be taken when being fitted for a brace, but in some cases you will have to choose from an assortment of sizes. You should choose one that will not cause the ankle any strain.

The fit of the brace also matters and will influence your choice greatly. Sleeves tend to fit the best as they are elastic but with laces and wraps, you can have an adjustable fit.

3.      Comfort

Pain is probably an issue, hence the reason you are wearing an ankle brace. Therefore, your ankle brace should offer you as much comfort as possible.

The material used to make the ankle brace will significantly contribute to its comfort. However, rigid braces can have soft interior padding to offer more comfort.

The more comfortable your ankle brace is, the faster you will be able to recover from your injury and regain use of your ankle.

4.      Affordable

Ankle braces can get quite expensive, and are getting even more expensive with technological advances. When you have a fractured ankle, price might be the last thing on your mind, but you need to consider it.

You should always go for the best in quality, but you should also stick to your budget. However, do not use price as your guide when choosing ankle braces.

It helps if your health insurance can help you pay for the brace.

5.      Light

You want an ankle brace that is easy to carry on your foot. If it is too heavy, it may end up aggravating your injury.

You will generally receive a lighter brace for mild injuries and a heavier one for severe fractures.

Ankle sleeves made from fabric are as light as ankle braces get. Rigid ankle straps tend to be the heaviest of the bunch.

A light brace is also more comfortable and easier to maintain, but be sure to get the one that is appropriate to your injury.