Homeschooling an easy access to quality education

Education of the children at home or a variety of places, other than school is called Homeschooling. This is also known as home education. This type of educating Children usually conducted by a tutor, parents, or an online teacher also. Therefore, homeschooling is easy access to quality education. Now in many counties, the term homeschooling is commonly used. Some families use formal ways of learning, and some are useless formal. That’s why Homeschooling is a legal alternative to private and public schools in many developed countries.

If we look at history, many family members were a common practice for the education of children at home in different cultures. Many professional tutors were an option available for wealthy families. In the 20th century with the enactment of compulsory attendance laws, the concept of Homeschooling declined. After some time in 1960 and 1970, Homeschooling began revival with reformists dissatisfied with industrialized education. In response, some educators or researchers were contacted by families to tell them. They were educating their children at home. Educators and researchers began tutoring the children without school with the help of some families who were corresponding with this concept.

Parents commonly quote two principal motivations for homeschooling their children. First, the interest in increased parent involvement in their children’s learning and development and second is dissatisfaction with local schools also. This is the big reason that Homeschooling is easy access to quality education. The discontent of parents with the available schools mainly includes concerns about the school environment, bullying, the curriculum, racism, the quality of academic instruction, and the lack of faith in the school ability to cater to their child’s particular needs.

For Homeschooling some parents to have better control over what and how their children are educated, to provide more competently to an individual child’s capability and aptitudes, to instruct a specific moral or religious position. Parents can also take advantage of the efficiency of personalized instruction. According to this method, the child spends more time on socializing, non-academic learning and childhood activities. Homeschooling is easy to access to a quality education because Homeschooling uses a wide variety of material and methods. It depends on families, whichever they choose from different educational ways, is like a Montessori Method.

School learning

The theory of multiple intelligence, school at home (curriculum choices from both religious and secular publishers), online school learning, virtual school learning etc. here, we discuss two methods of learning first is online School. Online schooling has become a standard education option. Education depends on children’s choices. They can take their classes online, and some children take at brick-and-mortar option. There are also a mix of online and personal instruction in the same classroom, which is called “blended learning”. Students can also easily access certified teachers and online syllabus martial arts in online schooling. They have opportunities to meet with their other faculty members to get guidance, help and instruction when they need it. Students accomplished some assignments online, but they can also do their work offline. Online schooling is an excellent suitable option for many families, including students and parents who prefer flexible scheduling that Online School offers. Children who prefer a personalized education, thrive, learners choose to learn through online schooling. There are many reasons here for online schooling. And the second option is Virtual school.

Virtual school or e-school or Cyber School is the same thing with different names. In virtual school, students and teachers primary or entirely online through the internet. It’s also said that education which uses one or more technologies to deliver directly to students and to support regular and significant interaction between the students. Virtual school education exists all around the world, which is used for all levels of education. This type of learning is most commonly used in high school and college level also. All students who are at the age of 30 or above, move to study online programs at higher rates. This group of the population represents 42 % of online education, on the other hand, 35.5% of students ages 24 to 29 and remaining 25% of students ages 15 to 22 participate in virtual school according to rough estimate currently more than 4800 colleges and universities that arrange online courses to their students. The trainer and students all interact at the same time. This type of education is done, maybe through video, audio chat, or text. Therefore these instructions and lessons are socially constructed. Many students who have health or personal issues that make physical or traditional school difficult or impossible can instead learn through a virtual school program. Online school can be equalized as appearance, age and also the background is far less ambitious. You can also choose the group according to their ability. There are many reasons that parents prefer Homeschooling, which is getting fame all over the world.

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