Haunted Accommodations in Salem, Massachusetts: Bed and Breakfasts

For those drawn to the mystique of Salem’s history, particularly its witch trials and paranormal legacy, staying in a haunted bed and breakfast adds an extra layer of intrigue. Explore bed and breakfast Salem Massachusetts eerie past while experiencing comfortable lodgings with a touch of the supernatural at these haunted B&Bs.

  1. The Hawthorne Hotel:

Spooky Legacy: The Hawthorne Hotel, named after Nathaniel Hawthorne with Salem ties, is rumored to have ghostly inhabitants. Guests have reported encounters with spectral figures and mysterious occurrences, adding an air of mystery to their stay.

Charm and Chills: While embracing its historic charm, The Hawthorne Hotel provides an atmosphere where guests can sense the spectral energy lingering from Salem’s bewitched past.

  1. The Salem Inn:

Spooky Legacy: The Salem Inn, composed of several historic buildings, is said to have its share of ghostly residents. From phantom footsteps to unexplained whispers, the inn provides an immersive experience for those seeking a touch of the supernatural.

Charm and Chills: The inn’s antique furnishings and period d├ęcor create an ambiance that mirrors Salem’s haunting history, making it an ideal choice for those with a penchant for the paranormal.

  1. The Daniels House Bed and Breakfast:

Spooky Legacy: The Daniels House, a charming B&B dating back to the 17th century, is rumored to have ghostly inhabitants. Guests have reported encountering apparitions and experiencing unexplained phenomena, adding a haunted allure to the accommodations.

Charm and Chills: Despite its spooky reputation, The Daniels House combines historic charm with modern comforts, providing guests with an immersive experience in Salem’s haunted ambiance.

  1. The Inn at Washington Square:

Spooky Legacy: The Inn at Washington Square, located in a historic building, is said to have ghostly tales associated with its past. Guests have reported encounters with spirits, creating an atmosphere that intertwines Salem’s history with the supernatural.

Charm and Chills: This haunted B&B offers guests a cozy retreat amidst Salem’s ghostly tales, allowing them to experience the city’s haunted legacy up close.


For those seeking a stay with a spooky twist in Salem, Massachusetts, these haunted bed and breakfasts offer an unforgettable blend of historic charm and ghostly intrigue. From The Hawthorne Hotel with its mysterious occurrences to The Daniels House with its rumored apparitions, each bed and breakfast Salem Massachusetts provides an immersive experience that connects guests to Salem’s rich history of witch trials and paranormal tales. Whether fascinated by the supernatural or simply looking for a unique stay, these haunted accommodations add an extra layer of enchantment to a visit to Salem.