Do not follow discount brokers blindly

Maybe you are well aware of the stocks you wish to have and are in a position to take your decisions about investment. What you need is just an easy method to carry outsell and purchase orders. In such a situation you must hire services of a discount broker. These discount brokers never give any advice or high-quality services but they merely just provide you the basics so that you can complete the stock deals.

The broker:

In the share market, one can also go ahead without the help of a broker, but it is possible only when one has a thorough knowledge of the market and understands the price trend at different times. One can decide when to buy which shares and when to sell. He can know if he needs to hold the share or clear the position with the help of his knowledge else it is better to go for hiring a broker.

Discount brokers just like the name signifies can be said to be very cheap to appoint as compared to traditional or full- service brokers. Seeing that you offer advice to yourself or obtain information and advice from some other party for example hotlines, independent advisors, or newsletters, you are able to bank some costs that you had to dole out in case you would go with a traditional broker.

In case you decide to go with discount stock brokers in India, you are required to be well versed with the personal aims and financial objectives. You will have to shoulder a big responsibility for carrying out sufficient research in order make an excellent choice about the selection of stocks, and more importantly, you shall be ready to admit the result, no matter what that would be.

Let it be stated that normal investors had two kinds of discount brokers to opt from like the internet discount brokers and conventional discount brokers. In these days both of them are similar. By way of industry consolidation, almost all conventional discount brokers nowadays possess websites that are fully featured, whereas internet discount brokers have come to their rescue by introducing extra telephone and services that are based on face to face interaction.

Discount stockbrokers are able to do for you

These discount brokers tend to provide a few essential benefits in comparison to traditional brokers as given below:

Low cost

You must understand that the low costs are due to low commissions and can be said to be the prime advantage of working with any discount broker.

Impartial service

Given to the reason that the discount brokers do not provide advice, they do not have any personal interests in selling you any specific stock.

Access to information

Well, settled discount brokers tend to provide vast educational material in the workplaces or is available on the websites.


You are not expected to get any kind of guidance from them, but they should reveal it to you. In case you are a well-seasoned investor, no guidance is better for you. Also, these stockbrokers have some hidden fees, but they stress their low commissions.