Top 5 Causes of Truck Accidents

A more significant number of many grisly accidents are those involving commercial trucks. A recent study revealed that about 500,000 accidents on roads are either directly or indirectly caused by trucks. Most of these accidents lead to more deaths or severe injuries compared to accidents caused by small vehicles such as cars.

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Here are the top causes of truck accidents.

1. Drug and substance abuse

Most truck drivers have been convicted of drunk driving and abusing non-medicinal drugs while on official duty. They take these substances at stops while others carry alcohol and other drugs while driving. Regardless of how they end up using these substances, their decision making and ability to drive could be impaired. This could result in accidents.

Even some prescription drugs could lead to road accidents. This is because some of these medicines could impair the driver’s judgment and coordination.

2. Over speeding and improper overtaking

Many truck owners often demand that drivers reach specific destinations within a specified period. Sometimes, drivers fail to achieve this due to bad weather, traffic snarl-ups, and other factors beyond the drivers’ control. To compensate for the lost time, many drivers choose to overspeed and sometimes ignore traffic rules when overtaking. This increases the chances of causing accidents.

3. Fatigue

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigue. Many truck drivers drive for many hours with very little rest. This is because trucking companies demand timely delivery of goods to specific destinations within a very short period. So, many truck drivers find themselves under a lot of pressure to meet the set deadlines. Accumulated fatigue could lead to impaired coordination, and in worst cases, tired drivers end up sleeping on the steering wheel. This could lead to accidents.

4. Distracted driving

Some drivers get bored while driving. This forces them to look for something that could keep them occupied. The urge to kill boredom forces drivers to check and respond to their text messages and emails. Others make phone calls and check social media while driving. Simple things like changing radio stations could lead to accidents.

5. Poor truck maintenance and inadequate driver training

Before drivers are allowed to drive commercial trucks, they’re supposed to undergo the recommended training and meet the set conditions. Unfortunately, some truck drivers don’t meet these requirements, and poorly trained drivers are likely to cause more accidents.

Likewise, the law requires truck owners to ensure their vehicles are inspected regularly and repaired when necessary. Unfortunately, most truck owners don’t adhere to these laws. Poorly-maintained trucks are likely to cause road accidents.

Wrap up

Sadly, thousands of people suffer severe injuries or die each year due to accidents caused by trucks. Therefore, truck drivers should avoid these five issues that could lead to accidents.