These 4 Tips Are Going To Make Spring Cleaning Easier Than Ever

All right, spring is here and it’s time to put away our winter garments and jump into something more comfortable with shorter sleeves. Unfortunately, changing clothes does not conclude this transitional period. Winter is one of the lazier parts of the year and your home probably looks like a cave perfectly suited for winter sleep. Now that you can finally feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again, it is time to do a good old spring cleaning. Most of us would probably like to postpone this till doomsday, but in reality, we all feel much better if we put some effort in this chore, which doesn’t have to feel like a chore at all. Guys over at Swept Cleaning have had some interesting ideas on how to make your spring cleaning easier and more fun.  

Get rid of clutter and make money

The best way to motivate yourself and the rest of your family is to do a little math and see how much money you could earn by selling all your clutter online. Even better, you can make a plan on what to do with that money beforehand. This will motivate everyone in the house towards a common goal – a clean house and a fun family trip for example. As long as you can see a direct benefit of getting rid of clutter, you wouldn’t waste a minute before everything is sparkling clean again.

This could also be a lot of fun for your kids. They probably have a ton of old toys or clothes they don’t play with anymore. Instead of you throwing it all away against their will maybe, you can show your kids how much money they could make and then let them spend that earned money however they want. This will not only contribute to this whole process, but your kids would be learning a good lesson about the importance of putting an effort into something and reaping rewards later.

Assign tasks

The job would be much easier if each and every member of your family or friends knew exactly what their job was, instead of just doing random stuff. This would not only make the job feel less overwhelming, but everyone in your team would have a clear goal and would dedicate all their effort to do just that. You can even make teams and turn regular house cleaning into a competitive game where the winning team would be rewarded with something the whole bunch could enjoy so that nobody feels left out in the end.

Exchange of goods

This is also a sort of game everyone can play. It is pretty simple and can be applied to both the kids and parents. For every new piece of clothing, gadget or whatnot, you need to find an equivalent among the clutter, and then get rid of that item. You’d be the best judge for that because you already know all the stuff you won’t be using anymore so this little game would just help you decide sooner rather than later.

Try to make it more fun

Cleaning is a chore, but no one says it has to be a boring chore. You can still have fun while doing it. Try with music, you can put on your favorite mixtape and see how quickly you will be inspired to work, you can even make a dancing competition during breaks. Why not record everything while at it, surely you will cherish those silly moments dearly later on in life. You could even post it online and make someone laugh. Options are basically limitless, but whatever you choose, adding fun to a seemingly boring chore might turn it into a fun family activity everyone would look forward to.