Sober Living Homes and Types of Rules to Expect

Sober living homes are usually privately owned spaces located in a quiet area to help make things easier for drug addicts. Many people think that these sober living homes are the same as rehab centers, but that is not true. When you choose rehab centers, you receive specialized help and a more intensive recovery experience. You will also have less freedom when staying at a rehab center. Sober living facilities, on the other hand, provide you with more freedom. You can stay here as long as you follow certain house rules. For instance, you can perform your day-to-day tasks and fulfill your other responsibilities, but you have to return by a certain time. You will certainly get a secure and comfortable place to stay, but you will have to take full responsibility for all your acts. You usually need to buy your own food, pay your rent, and follow some important rules.

Rules in Sober Living Facilities

Every sober living facility will have a set of rules, but these rules will vary greatly from facility to facility. You have to get complete information about different house rules and ensure that you follow them properly. Be sure to learn about the consequences of not following those rules. Sometimes, you only need to pay a small fine for breaking a rule, but on other occasions, you may have to leave the facility. Here are some of the most common rules you may find in sober living homes.

  • The most important rule to stay in a sober living facility is to stay clean and sober. You should not use any type of drug or alcohol. In some sober living homes, you may not be allowed to use mouthwash and other similar products. You may not be able to cook with vanilla and other similar ingredients mainly because they contain alcohol.
  • Another important and common rule in all sober living facilities is regular drug testing. You are usually asked to stay away from products that may contain alcohol, such as mouthwash and cooking ingredients because their use could lead to false positives.
  • Another common rule is to play your part when staying in a sober living facility. You will be asked to contribute in many different ways. You can help others by doing chores.
  • You should not engage in any violent activities and stay away from fighting. Your behavior matters a lot here.
  • In case you have decided to use the option of a sober living facility, you have to ensure that you do not stay out longer than you are allowed to. You will be free to go to work or office, but you have to return by a set time. Not following this rule can get you thrown out of the facility.

The fact of the matter is opting for sober living homes can certainly help increase your chances of breaking your addiction, but you need to ensure that you follow every single rule determined by the facility. If you find it difficult to take control of your habits, going to a drug rehab may become a better option.