Natural Ways To Promote Healthy Living

With heart disease being the number one killer in the U.S., it’s no wonder that people are looking for ways to live a healthy life before a problem shows up. If you are one of the many that are desiring a change to feel better and avoid any health complications, here are a few suggestions you can implement now to help your healthy journey.

Love The Body With Massage

Massages may seem like an extravagant luxury, but the truth is they offer a lot of great ways to improve your health. When you are on the massage table, like these over at Living Earth Crafts, the masseuse usually uses a bit of aromatherapy combined with massage techniques that relieve stress and pressure from the body. Most people don’t realize how much damage stress can do to the body. Not only does carrying a load of stress add strain to the heart, it also strains our muscles and decreases oxygen to various parts of the body. Allowing yourself to truly relax, let a masseuse work out your kinks, and love the body you have is just one way to care for yourself a little bit. Consider adding this regime about once a month to your calendar and if you need some inexpensive options, call the local massage school to see if they have appointments available for working with a student.

Essential Oils For Health

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils are fantastic ways to boost your health. There are hundreds of oils out there and even more uses for each one. Some examples are:

  • Tea Tree oil for acne
  • Clove oil for tooth pain and as an anti-bacterial agent
  • Rosemary oil (as aromatherapy) to improve brain function and memory
  • Ginger and peppermint oil to relieve nausea
  • Oregano oil to kill bacteria and lessen the effects of a cold
  • Lavender (as aromatherapy) to improve your mood and (as a topical) to heal burns

Tinctures Are Your Body’s Best Friend

When you aren’t feeling well, or want to stave off any illnesses, try a tincture before running to your medicine cabinet. Many tinctures are made with herbs and vinegar, homemade versions can also be made if you are someone who gardens and want to grow your own herbs. A few suggestions include:

  • Echinacea to build your immune system
  • Motherwort during a menstrual cycle to ease cramps and promote blood flow
  • Nettles for joint health (wear gloves if you are harvesting your own!)
  • Skullcap to ease the effects of depression
  • Catnip for a good night’s sleep
  • Dandelion for stomach ailments
  • Hawthorn to promote heart health

Watch What You Eat

Of course, your diet will have a profound effect on your health. Eating plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy carbohydrates are a perfect balance to get exactly what you need. Avoid any processed foods as much as possible. Limit how often you go out to eat for every few weeks or once a month. Moderation is key so if you dive into a bowl of ice cream or stop at your favorite fast food joint, don’t beat yourself up. Just be sure that you are balancing everything appropriately to maintain a good healthy relationship with food and your body.

Take A Walk

Walking is an easy way to get your exercise in. A 20-minute walk three to four times a week is plenty to work off the calories you eat. If you feel like you are too busy to walk, take a close look at how you spend your day. Some ways to add in a walk are:

  • Walk on your lunch break for 10 minutes
  • Park as far away from the entrance of work and errands so that you get in a few extra steps
  • Take a walk after dinner with a friend or family members
  • Join a social walking group so that you meet some new folks and exercise

Taking care of ourselves is pretty easy if you take some time to look around and find those natural ways. Your doctor will appreciate your efforts!