Best Ways of Testing Your Electric Vehicle

With every discussion that talks about electric cars are seen inevitably to divert to its issue of its range. But this nothing illogical. The concern that we associate with an electric car is because of the earlier experience when the concept of electric cars was new, and people did experience trouble when the car ran out of charge at the middle of the way. We all know, opinion counts. So, when people who have experienced negative with their electric cars gave us the bad news, it didn’t take time to spread like fire.Once an opinion is formed, it is difficult to abort it. So, people are still doubtful about the range of an electric car, because range does matter. The more range capacity an electric car has, the farther one can drive the EV without the necessity to pre-plan the entire schedule to avoid getting stranded with an immobile car.

Testing Your Electric Vehicle

At the Ford dealer Temecula, we were told that, it’s quite easy to exceed the rated range of a given electric vehicle, by following some basic tips on fuel saving, that we are listing below:

  • Always try to accelerate and brake with a gentle touch,
  • Try to avoid excessive speeding,
  • Concentrate on the road to know the traffic, its signals and rules
  • Allow sufficient space in between your and the car in the front so that it matters you lesser, if they take a sudden drastic move.

The first organization named Orange County that originally got established to test alternative fuel cars is when hybrid cars start to flourish. The Orange County test course is typically held on 105.5-mile circuit around the Orange County, in the state of California.The test includes exactly zero freeway miles, driving through more than a few fairly steep hills and dozens of different traffic signals and stop signs that can come along your way.

Comparing the Results

To compare the results of different models and trims of Electric Cars, the test made all of these cars driven by the one particular driver, the test was conducted one per each day. The tests used to start at 8 a.m. so that each time the driver has to experience the same pattern of weekday traffic. As morning temperatures will always be milder, that was the ideal time to conduct the tests, which was no doubt going to be a bit strenuous on the course.But because of the good timing the tests didn’t have to include the readings with any climate control put on. Then all speed limits were followed, and the highest speed was capped at 50 mph as per the posted speed limit so that the test doesn’t include a freeway test.

Staying Safe During the Test

The Ford Temecula dealership experts say that keeping safety should be the first priority. While taking the testyou should stop at places that are convenient enough. In every testing case the cars should be trailed back to the metered Level-2 charging port so that theelectric consumption amount can be measured. And this way we could test the true range of every electric vehicle that came to us for testing.