5 Advices from Ford on Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is not about improving one’s own driving skills but avoiding other drivers to reduce the chances of accidents whenever possible. The key to defensiveis self-discipline. It is all about saving yourself, your fellow beings and also people driving other vehicles.

Here are five basic rules of defensive driving, shared by the Phoenix Mazda dealers following which, it would provide a level of protection that we all seek to have while driving.

  1. Looking Far Ahead

As people learn driving for the first time, they take time to adjust their way of looking at things while moving at a high speed. They tend to look at the immediate front of their vehicle and cannot look ahead of that.Most accidents take place because of this issue as the drivers are oblivious to the objects, people and vehicles that are a few yards away. Before the drivers realize their presence, it is too late.Hence accidents can be avoided if people grow situational awareness that lies ahead and can plan their driving techniques to avoid a collision. This skill can be developed in no time, if the driver starts looking ahead on the road and concentrate on the possible situations.

  1. Discarding Bad Driving Habits

Many drivers do not consider maintaining traffic rules and some take pride in violating them.  The problem starts when people ignore the consequences and indulge in such aggressive behavior. The very unthinking attitude that cares for no one including themselves cause life threatening accidents and destroy precious lives for no reason. This is certainly just a bad driving habit that needs to be changed at the earliest.

  1. Being Aware and Alert of the Unpredictable Driving Situations

In Defensive Driving one of the most important lesson is being mentally prepared in advance to face any troubling incident on road and how to escape such situations. Even if you yourself are a good driver doesn’t guarantee you, that people driving around you would be equally careful and sensible. Keeping an alert mind for such situations and knowing what to do is what would save you many times.

  1. Maintaining the Following Distance

It is no big surprise that one has to maintain a certain distance from the vehicle ahead and that is one of the basic driving rules which people tend to ignore. But mostly accidents do take place because of such a small thing. If the vehicle going ahead suddenly decides to slow down or simply apply brake to save itself from a collision ahead, your car would be the next victim or offender to let another collision become inevitable. So, as advised by the Mazda Phoenix dealer you should make sure to maintain a minimum distance between your car the ones ahead.

  1. Reducing Driving Distractions

Today cars are equipped with entertainment systems that are almost irresistible for the younger generation. Mobile phones, music, movies, radio and the internet all are now right there beside you to drift your attention away. One such careless moment while sitting on the steering wheel is enough to ask for a lifetime price for it. So as a responsible driver, you have toshun down the temptation of getting distracted.