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The Last Minute Preparation

Everyone has begun with the examinations and is busy with their studies. The only thing one can do now is the last minute preparation for the examination. Studying at the very moment does not mean that you need to study everything from the beginning. It simply means the revision of all that you had studied till date.

You cannot study the entire syllabus today if you have a Biology exam tomorrow. The best thing to do is to go through all that is important and difficult for you. Everyone prepares some notes during the preparation. Take out the notes and go through them. It refreshes your memory of all that you had studied previously. Do not start with something new at the last moment. This will confuse you and will make you forget whatever you have already studied.

Revise all the differences and structures for Biology. The differences between mitosis and meiosis, plant cell and animal cell, prokaryotes and eukaryotes are frequently asked in the examination. Prepare all such important differences properly.

Write and see whatever you have learnt. It makes things clearer and also helps the you memorize better. You can create shortcuts to remember the headings. Like, you can use the very first letter of each heading and create a word. This will help you recall the entire heading during the examination.

During the examinations, all you need is proper guidance. Talk to your elders, seniors and teachers. A word with them will motivate you and inculcate confidence within you for the exam.

The mock test papers are the best way to evaluate yourself. You can use NCERT Solutions for better practice. Once you know your weak points, revise them repeatedly. You should practice the previous years’ question papers as well. The questions are frequently repeated.

Diagrams are an important part of Biology. No answer is complete without a diagram. Practice the important diagrams like the structure of a flower, bacterial cell, diagrams from human anatomy, plant tissues including the meristematic tissue and vascular tissue, eukaryotic cell, plant cell, etc.

You need to make sure that you have covered every topic from the syllabus. You never know what comes in the examinations so it’s better not to skip any topic. You can definitely prioritize the topics according to their consistency of appearing in the question paper every year, but do not leave any topic.

You should meditate and try to stay calm to increase your memorizing power. You can relax with some music, but avoid watching TV shows and movies. It will keep flashing in your brain and distract you. You can surely watch some videos related to your syllabus from the e-learning apps. This will strengthen your preparations.

Following the above-mentioned tips might help the students to prepare the day before the examination without any worries. Remember, the more relaxed you stay, the better you perform in the examination.

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April 5, 2019