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A luxurious holistic wellness and detoxification spa

A visit to a day spa is not an extravagance.It is not just a simple self-pampering but also gives you various health benefits. It is now known to have a positive effect on feeling and looking good. Not only will it gradually comfort those aches and pains we all get from time to time, it assists in relieving the hassles in day-to-date life, which in turn, improves detoxification, circulation and reduction leading to better sleep.  The Temple SirenLocated in the diversity-rich neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, is an intentionally created a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big city lights. To know more about this spa, visit http://templesiren.com/.

Temple Siren is a luxurious holistic wellness and detoxification spa. It is a cross between a luxurious secret garden, an expensive apothecary, and an intimate date with the divine.Featuring full-service skin and personality treatments such as,

  • Activated charcoal facials
  • Aromatic essential oils
  • Medicinal mushroom elixirs
  • Ozone therapeutic applications

Temple Siren sets itself apart from usual day spa fares. When a client steps into the space, they are transported to another time and place where their complete health is pedestalled: every system is honored and every instant is an opportunity to brighten and enrich one’s existence further. Visit http://templesiren.com/ to get more information about this spa.

The whole atmosphere is one that boosts complete system healing. The slight, sleek, and modern appearance of the spa is as appealing as it is calming. One takes notice of the subtle hues that offers the eyes to enjoy, while the body is fully sustained to rest. Practitioners are in a part of intuitive guide, so as to walk with the client to the best results for their unique system’s needs.

Temple Siren was formed with the overburdened Siren in mind. With the strains in our daily lives mounting, the rise in unhealthy living increasing, and the real meaning of health at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is time to change how they make thisapproach in this world.The focus on the relationship between body, mind, and holistic specialist lets for the building of trust and assurance in every experience.


April 25, 2018