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Four Major Effects of Pests

Pest infestations can be a nuisance to people, especially if they invade someone’s workplace or home. They also come with significant negative impacts. Some pests such as termites might cause structural damage to a building, especially in homes that are mainly built using wood.

But they are also hazardous to human health and in some cases cause severe health problems to the affected.

Discussed below are some of the significant adverse effects of pests

They cause allergies

Pest infestations, mostly rodents, are commonly known to cause allergic reactions to the people affected by the outbreak. They tend to carry allergens on their body and fur; thus, any contact with them could result in an allergic reaction. People react differently to allergens, but in others, the reaction can be extreme, and if not attended to carefully, it could otherwise yield undesirable outcomes. In any case, if you are in suspicion of a pest infestation, please contact a professional pest control service. For more information, please contact Pointe Pest Control service.


Pests are more likely to cause diseases in the area they intrude. Their fecal droppings can contain bacteria; they can spread and contaminate the air henceforth infecting people with airborne diseases.  Rodent infestation could pose a danger to your health since they can also affect you with rabies or salmonella when you come into contact with them. You might not even need to physically touch them to be infected since they roam around the house and leave traces of bacteria everywhere they go, so the best way is to get rid of them before they begin to reproduce and grow in number

Compromising food sources

This is the most common adverse effect of pest infestation. Pests are also living things. Likewise, they need to feed, and since they have infested your house, the only source of food they can access is yours. This is most common in cockroach infestation. This proves to be dangerous to your health in that when the pests come into contact with your food, and they might infect it with disease-causing bacteria like salmonella. They might also contaminate the food with their excrement. It is advised to keep your food in a safe place, but in other cases, the chances of the pests reaching it are unavoidable, so it’s best to eradicate the infestation before they get a chance to come into contact with your food.

Destruction of agriculture

Let’s say you own a small scale farm or a vegetable garden outside your house, or you practice large scale farming, in all cases their worst fears are having a pest infestation. Pests are known to cause significant damage to crops, sometimes even clear the whole field and destroy everything if ignored. One way of doing this is contaminating the crops with diseases. Pests like aphids tend to do that.

Another way of causing destruction is by devouring the crop. Pests like armyworms and locusts have been known to cause significant damage to crops. When they invade in large numbers, it is best to contact professional pest control services for qualified help. Pests cause various impacts to us health-wise and even financially, but with qualified professional assistance, these effects can be easily avoided.

August 24, 2019