Different types of trauma

Many people are not aware that trauma can be classified into many different types depending upon the condition of the patient. However, all these types fall under two categories which includes psychological trauma and physical trauma. It is to be noted that treating the psychological is more difficult than treating the physical trauma.

Repetitive events

As the name indicates, this kind of trauma will continue for a very long period. This kind of events may include sexual abuse, violence, prolonged illness, witnessing a horrible event and it can be in other related forms.

Single event

There are some people who tend to have more difficulty which happened once in their life. This may be accident, robbery, natural disaster or anything else. This is one of the most common problems which are found among the people who get exposed to sudden accidents.


This trauma will be the condition which includes single event and repetitive event. This may occur at the same time or they can be separated over a long period.

It is to be noted that whatever the kind of trauma it is, the patients must treated at right time. It is always better to treat these people with the help of the experts. This is because taking personal attempts may end up in huge risk. Hence such attempt should be strictly avoided and they must be taken to the trauma informed rehab center. In this center, the trauma patients will be treated at the best. They will be provided with the comfortable environment, diet and treatment. The people who are approaching this center will get revealed from this condition without any side effects. The people who want to recover their loved ones from the effect of trauma can also take them to these centers. The experts will begin the treatment only after analyzing and knowing the exact reason for trauma. But it is to be remembered that there are many rehab programs and centers. Hence one must approach the rehab program which can provide them better recovery without causing any kind of stress and depression.