Are you a sausage lover? Then you should know the following tips to make it even better

Meat is a vital source of animal protein necessary for the proper functioning of the human body and its development, making it n essential food in the diet of man. Nowadays, with the increase of the population and the distances between the production centres and the consumption centres, it is necessary to apply different techniques to conserve the meat with the objective that it reaches the hands of the consumers and fulfils its function as food. To preserve the meat for long periods, it transforms such as sausages. The sausages cover a large number of products such as ham and chorizo.

How to get the premium quality every time?

A poorly maintained stuffer will yield sausages of poor quality — however, the improved designs of the machines which are intended to help the team to better support the processing plant environment. Coupled with an increased interest in preventive maintenance it ensures that consumers are receiving the best they can. The Italian Barrel stuffers have evolved to become more and more hermetic machines mainly by reducing the number of doors and improving the sealing materials. But regular greasing, oil changes and replacement of the filters as indicated by the manufacturer specifications are still the cornerstones in most applications.

After all, the moisture-laden environments of the processing plants cause damage to the parts of the machines. It makes them work such as metal gears and in the most modern equipment the control panels and computer programs that control everything, from the speed of the bands to the length of the cover and the weight of each portion of the product. Greasing is required daily, weekly or monthly. Similarly, being aware of the integrity of seals and gaskets and replacing them regularly is critical especially to protect the equipment from the intense use of hot water and chemicals during cleaning operations.

You should know the machine better

Stainless steel surfaces are much more resistant than aluminium parts to chemical treatments, but certain caustic compounds can still cause them damage. In some applications, greasing is the most crucial step because it is a very humid environment especially for those parts that are exposed more frequently to cleaning with high-pressure water. Grease dissipates water from gears and bushings that will wear out if they are not adequately lubricated. The design of today’s machines makes the task of removing parts such as meat pumps.

Conclusion: Product considerations

Relatively easy for the processors in preparation for cleaning and some cases being able to do this in a matter of minutes but familiarity with the components is essential for reassembly. In some instances, smaller plants that rely on their employees to perform cleaning tasks have an advantage in their ability to verify all parts that can easily be lost or damaged during cleaning. Another of the critical considerations for the maintenance of stuffers is the type of product that is made in them and the volume. Speaking of lubrication, the fattier raw material such as pork which has more natural fat, in the long run, is nobler with the mechanical components of the machine.