Understanding Ketamine Infusion Treatment for You

Perhaps you have a condition that is resistant to other treatment options and wonder about the best alternative to take. Having an interventional pain specialist who understands ketamine infusion treatment’s intricacies in dealing with such conditions is a positive step towards your recovery. Additionally, so is having a highly trained professional like Dr. Jessen Mukalel in The Woodlands.

What Ketamine Infusion Treatment Entails

Ketamine is an anesthetic substitute for the medical non-opioid approach. The treatment is essential mainly if you aim to reduce drug dependency on opioids. Additionally, it also addresses the functioning of the NMDA receptors in your brain, increasing the neurons’ glutamate transmitter. As a result, the glutamate activates connections between the NMDA receptor and the AMPA body receptors. As a result, your neurons transmit communication effectively along your neurological pathways.

Your doctor administers the ketamine infusion through an intravenous pump. Additionally, there are other determining administration methods. For instance, you can also medicate orally. In some cases, the ketamine treatment has effects through application to your skin. You can even inhale the medicine through your nose or have your doctor inject the infusion into your body muscles.

Keeping Depression at Bay

Ketamine infusion treatment has a unique medical approach to alleviating your specific conditions at a faster rate. For instance, you can feel better within a few hours after the treatment application, unlike typical medication, where you might wait for days or weeks to monitor the positive effects.

Based on the high population figures of people with depression worldwide, ketamine infusion treatment is a functional approach. The medicine will get you out of your depressive state within a short time, minimizing the risks of probably harming yourself because of psychiatric disorders.

Moreover, you will tend to feel better about yourself and have a lower tendency to experience panic attacks accompanied by depression. Furthermore, the treatment can be an effective remedy for you if you have bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Alleviates Chronic Pain

If you have been having intense chronic pain resistant to other forms of medications, your doctor can opt for ketamine treatment. Additionally, you can also receive the remedy if you have chronic pain, and plans are underway to face surgery.

You can have chronic pain due to underlying severe ailments like sickle cell disease, spinal injuries, and even different forms of cancer. Additionally, ketamine infusion also addresses acute pain.

Minimal Risk to Hospital Infections

The treatment infusion is non-intravenous. Therefore, you are at a significantly lower risk of acquiring hospital infections. Additionally, it’s a minimally invasive aspect with only a prick to introduce the infusion.

It will be best if you inform your specialist on the intensity and intervals of your chronic pain. Additionally, your doctor can monitor the treatment gradually, depending on the dosage administration.

Therefore, you can have a higher dosage intake depending on your body’s response in curbing the pain. Never hesitate to inform your doctor about any side effects you might have, which will prompt them to control the dosage.