Ashton Esquire Cigar

Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Ashton Esquire cigar mirrors the exceptional mellow, creamy nuances and sweet coffee notes pervasive in the Ashton Aged Maduro lines and Ashton Classic, respectively. The Ashton Esquire mirrored these other products so you could be acquainted with a velvety smoke with sweet espresso notes. These little stogies are ideal for any occasion, and you may enjoy them when you want a good, smooth smoke!

Available in a stunning small version, Ashton Cigars present Esquire in an elegant tin of ten cigars, ideal for the event when a brief, but the exquisite experience is needed. Your choice of deliberately chosen Broadleaf Maduro or Connecticut shade wrappers conveys unique flavor and helpfully preserves time. While making any Ashton, The Fuente family only utilizes the best Dominican tobacco accessible. That is why regardless of the size, every Ashton is immaculate and flavorful. The Esquire, with its petite size and Connecticut Maduro wrapper offers a similar remarkable smoking experience as other Ashton’s products.

The Ashton Classic collection of cigars is what g that pushed Ashton Cigars from a plan to a brand that has various quality stogies out there in the market. Ashton Cigars got their idea from Robert Levin, a man who has spent a decent part of his working life running the family’s tobacco business. Be that as it may, putting cigar together, not to mention a quality one, is something hard to do for most, so he swung to one of the biggest names in the cigar industry, Arturo Fuente, to make his Classic line of cigar a reality. Carlos Fuente Sr. did as such with enthusiasm, creating an excellent cigar.

The Ashton Classic line which comprises Esquire is crafted at the Fuente plant in the Dominican Republic, where it is, as the band of the cigar gloats, ‘made by hand’. The best Dominican tobacco is chosen for aging for 3 to 5 years, and that tobacco is then proficiently trimmed, wrapped with a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and sent out as the Ashton Classic line. The Esquire is cigarillos, but somewhat fatter than the standard cigarillo, coming in at 4.2’’ long with a ring gauge of 32, instead of the typical 4’’ length with a ring gauge of 28. In any case, the flavor profile is as yet the equivalent; smooth in surface, flavors of cashew and wood that compete for your attention all through, and with a spicy and light aftertaste.

The impressive thing about the Ashton Esquire is that you get the same extraordinary taste in a somewhat bigger cigarillo. While the standard cigarillo size is good for a smoke break, the Ashton Esquire is more substantial and durable. This is more like a quick after-dinner stogie, for the individuals who would prefer not to smoke a whole cigar, however, would still like to get more flavor than you can get from a typical cigarillo, and who will not smoke a cigarette. A great buddy when time is short, and one you’ll never regret.