Ways to Treat Your Back Pain Without Surgery

Experiencing pain in the back can be very uncomfortable and could be attributed to an assortment of factors. The pain experienced can be anywhere from the cervical segments down to the tailbone. Pain experienced can be in spasms, cramps, etc., preventing you from carrying out your daily work and favorite activities.

Jacksonville pain management physician can be your go-to when experiencing any discomfort in any region of your back. A few ways how you can relieve the tension through non-surgical methods include:


What goes into your body as fuel determines how well your body will function as a machine. Eating a diet with food containing anti-inflammatory properties can aid in the inflammation of the muscles throughout the body. Dark green leafy vegetables, bright-colored fruits, nuts, and proteins rich in omega-3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory properties. Calcium helps ensure that the bone framework remains strong and dairy substitutes all have significant amounts of calcium.

Maintain Good Posture

Slouching or hunching can often put the muscles located on the back in a severe strain which is painful in the long run. When sitting behind a computer screen, ensure that your back is straight and supported. Remember not to sit for prolonged periods. Take breaks and move around to help the blood flow reach muscles.


The proportion of the height and weight of the person must be within the normal range to ensure less strain on all muscle groups of the body, especially the back. Being obese or overweight can make carrying the upper body strenuous on the back. Therefore ensure your Body Mass Index or BMI is in the normal range.

Yoga and Exercise

Moving the body activates blood flow to all muscle groups. Exercise, whether it be cardio or strength training, helps in working out different muscle groups. Yoga also helps in stretching the various muscles in the body which are tense. Physical activity, in any form, is beneficial for overall muscle health, including the muscles in the back.


Asking a medical professional for biofeedback is a technique by which electrical signals and impulses are used to subtle corrections in the body. Many studies and research conducted indicated that biofeedback is efficient in dealing with muscle pain and tension in the back.

Consider Acupuncture

This ancient technique helps relieve the strain and tension from the various pressure points along the body by inserting needles in the muscle groups where tightness is felt.

Back pain could be an underlying symptom that masks a bigger problem. Hence consult a medical practitioner if the back pain experienced is prolonged.