Why parents are showing an inclination towards Vitamin K shots?

In recent times doctors have come across numerous cases, where infants tend to encounter vitamin K deficiency. Strangely the reasons forrefusal of New born vitamin K lay on the parents. What is really a cause of concern is that if the vaccines are not provided it does increase the chances of internal bleeding in the intestine of brain of the little ones.

The lows and the ups

 Vitamin K as all of us are aware is an important nutrient which is essential for formation of blood clots. In the digestive system of older adults or infants it is very much a part, but this is not the case with infants. The worst part is that breast milk does not contain sufficient amount of vitamin K to ward off the possible deficiencies associated with the lack of it.  As vitamin K does not pass on to the breast milk, the deficiency of this vitamin is all the more common with kids who are exclusively breastfeed. The side effects of it are almost at a negligible level and the chances of any form of serious defect is a bare minimum. Most doctors are going to allow you to nurse the baby during the shot so that you can comfort the baby.

Kids who are prone to vitamin K defects will have spikes of blood in their stool, be fussy about small things and be victims of severe anaemia as well. This would mean a shortfall in the supply of red blood cells. To ensure that you’re new born is healthy in certain countries like United States it is suggested that a shot of Vitamin K is must after a birth.

Doctors are of the opinion that parents refusing vitamin K for new born may arise due to the fact that was a strong relation between vitamin K and leukaemia. But this fact was hardly proved in the days to come as well. The simple message is if you refuse the shot you are playing with the life of your kid.

There is a growing tendency among parents that you have had normal delivery to leave the hospital premises without administering proper vaccines to the kids. If you are refusing the vaccines you would need to evaluate the pros along with cons of it. Then make a decision on what you are aware and not what the other parents are following.

The correct decision for the mother and the baby?

One of the most important decisions which parents tend to face is to take a decision about a new born baby. This could be with breastfeeding, oral supplementation or vitamin K. You would need to do a research from the various information sources and rely on the inputs of your health care providers. As far as vitamin K is concerned the decision happens to be very clear cut.  It is nontoxic, safe for your baby and prevents bleeding up to 6 months. So the benefit is immense.