An Introduction to rimless toilets

You might hear from the people who have recently built their houses or renovated talking about rimless toilets. There are the latest designs of toilets which are getting famous in time past. You might be thinking what is new in it, let me take you through the complete details. As the name goes the rimless toilets does not have rim in like the regular used toilets have. From the appearance you will not be able to find any difference between the rimless toilet and standard toilet. Let us look into these advantages of rimless toilets.

  • The rimless toilets work totally different than the standard toilets. The mechanism used to push water on the toilet bowl in rimless toilets is that the water is shot around the toilet where as in the standard toilet the water gets passed through the rim.
  • The rimless toilets are more hygienic as there is no chance of germs setting down in the rim and make it easy to clean. The rim toilets id very difficult to clean through the brush sometimes need to use the cleaning liquids so that the toilet is germ free.

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  • In rimless toilets the water does not splash out when flushed. The water usage is less in this type of toilets so we would save water. You can also save money which you spent on the toilet detergents and save the environment from avoiding detergent water flow.
  • It also solves the problem of cleaning the entire surface of the toilet. In the rimless toilet the ceramic is divided into three parts and the water pipe line is distributed in such way that the water flow is divided in to three parts and this makes the entire surface to be cleaned.
  • They are available in new and stylish designs with reasonable rates, which can be affordable by anyone. Go through these tips for choosing the right toilet seat replacement.

There are different types of rimless toilets like rimless wall hung toilets, rimless back to wall toilets and rimless close coupled toilets. The installation process of rimless toilets is same like the standard toilets. So if you are only changing the toilets than there is nothing much to be done. Among all these the rimless close coupled toilet is best as it is not more complex and you will have all the benefits of rimless toilet.


Hope the above details will benefit you. Rimless toilets are the latest trends if you are planning to change or renovate your bathroom then it is better to buy the rimless toilets. But never forget while buying always buy quality product which is suitable and fits your bathroom correctly. The overall look should also be kept in mind.