Why Businesses are Choosing Instagram for Marketing Over Other Social Media Platforms

It’s been a while since Instagram has surpassed Twitter in the race of the numbers of monthly active users. It became the hot cake for different marketing agencies. The entire management team acquires the credit for their success and popularity. There are many reasons behind the success of Instagram. Their marketing policy and promotional stuff prove to be effective for not just posting pics and videos of regular users, but also for the business houses. Clients have remarked on their experience. Many businesses now prefer Instagram for conducting marketing and other promotional activities. The discussion highlights the helpfulness of Instagram marketing across the social media platforms.

Instagram is a Powerful Social Medium

Many surveys have revealed the actual scenario of Instagram’s popularity. They have shared the reliability of the social media platform. Instagram’s wide reach has helped the organization to expand their hold over the market.

Instagram’s huge publicity is the reason for their popularity. The marketing agencies have dug into the statistics of Instagram. They have dug into posts, viewership, shares or comments, which time public prefer to see posts, the popularity of an organization and the demographics of its followers, etc.

Instagram allows its personal accounts to be converted into a business account. Followers could get relevant information easily. They can get details, such as contact number, directions, email addresses and much more. There is also an opportunity to boost businesses by advertising or sponsoring on the platform.

The wide-ranging reach of Instagram can help your business to get promoted and get real Instagram likes. In case you are a fresher, advertising on Instagram can help you access fresh audiences. Instagram has proved its efficiency in marketing and promotion. It is useful (if not better) than other successful social networking platforms like, Facebook and Twitter.

A few marketing agencies have made an experiment with their advertising campaigns. They incorporated the features of Instagram advertising together with the Facebook ad campaigns. The joint campaign helped to bring a larger effect on the target audience. A report earlier revealed the popularity and wide reach of Instagram. Various surveys have revealed that Instagram gets more views than Facebook. It shows the effectiveness of Instagram for social media marketing.

Now, when you know the importance of Instagram marketing, it is also important to learn how to do it more effectively.

The Effectiveness of Hashtags

The trend of including up to 30 hashtags is found to be very helpful for increasing the access to the posts. Relevant keywords can help you to increase your followers on the social media platform.

Expanding Video Features

The expanding video features of Instagram have helped it to become more popular. You can upload a video, or shoot directly from your phone and instantly upload it. Users love the flexibility offered by Instagram. These features have opened up a way for big businesses to opt for marketing and other promotional stuff through Instagram.

When compared to other existing social media platforms, Instagram is more popular for the above-mentioned reasons. For a better branding and visibility of your business, talk to experts who can fetch you what you deserve.

Author Bio – Karen is a social media enthusiast. He can help you to understand the trend of Instagram marketing and acquiring real Instagram likes.