Reasons to Go for Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a perfect smile not only depends on how wide you open your mouth, but it also has everything to do with how your teeth look. Most people are not confident about smiling around people, especially when they realize that they have stained or discolored teeth each time they look in the mirror. Fortunately, Dr. Acher Katz and the Emerson Dental Arts team will be ready to provide you with insight into why professional teeth whitening in Emerson is better than over-the-counter whitening options.

Professional Teeth Whitening Vs. Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

Most toothpaste manufacturing companies are striving to include tooth whitening ingredients in their products to boost their sales. That means anyone can get access to over-the-counter teeth whitening without needing professional help. If you are stuck with either option, consider the following factors:

Desired Results

Everyone wants to get value for their money, even if it means having the whitest teeth that will last a lifetime. However, over-the-counter whitening products do not guarantee that.  Professional whitening does more than the whitening procedure itself,  going as far as dealing with stubborn stains, using the most advanced equipment due to their profession warranting them to perform such operations. If you want to enjoy long-term results, you should go for professional whitening.

Involves Holistic Treatments

Just because teeth whitening products have chemicals that can bleach your teeth does not mean that they are safe. On the contrary, prolonged use can damage your teeth, this is where professional whitening comes in. When you entrust a dentist for whitening, you rest assured that your teeth will be in safe hands. That way, you will not have to worry about encountering future problems.

Control Over Your Results

Pharmacists only indicate the dosage requirements you need to treat your problem. When it comes to teeth whitening, monitoring how much you intend to consume can be daunting. Home whitening products only offer one shade whereas professional whitening, on the other hand, guarantees that you can achieve many shades of improvement. After the procedure, your dentist can advise you on what to avoid, enjoying a longer-lasting whitened tooth.

The Duration for the Results

You have your special reasons for wanting to enjoy the results immediately; however, you need to exercise a great deal of patience to get what you want. Professional teeth whitening can be performed in one session, making it an ideal option if you run out of time. Over-the-counter whitening takes several weeks to produce results because the potency in the products is not as strong as you would expect.

Go for Professional Teeth Whitening to get the Best Smile

While home teeth whitening may seem like a cost-friendly option if you are working on a budget, it does not guarantee you have control over the results. You want your teeth to look great, but ensuring they remain healthy only depends on the product’s ingredients and professional input. Do not wait until your teeth are stained to seek professional help, reach out as soon as possible. To learn more about professional teeth whitening and other related services, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.