Muscle Pain And Home Remedies For Its Cure

It’s very obvious to how tiring and unpleasant muscle pain can be. We all have, at any point undergone muscle ache which has made us realize how comfortable life was without it.

Muscle ache or myalgia is a very common type of pain that exists and is independent of age group but specifically targets people of old age. Almost everyone, maybe only for once or twice in their lives, would have felt this discomfort. It might seem like a mild condition but someone with constant muscle ache would love to prove this theory wrong.

Since our whole body is made up of tissue, muscle pain can occur anywhere throughout the body. Our body works in mysterious ways and it is nature of our system that makes us realize that every organ of the body works in sync and is interconnected. When pain is felt in one part of the body, all nearby organs get affected and messages are sent throughout the body that there is something wrong.

There is no certainty about the exact cause of muscle pain and there can be many aspects towards it. Some might confuse muscle pain with serious injuries which is why it needs to be dealt with very carefully. There can’t be exactly one reason of muscle pain and there are a number of factors that need to be considered as to why it can occur.

Strenuous exercise is one of the reasons of muscle pain. While exercising vigorously, our muscles are moving constantly and a little bit of an extra pull can cause the muscle to stretch, moving it from its original position and causing pain in it. This is also called muscle pull or muscle overuse in other words.

Myalgia can also be caused with excessive stress or tension regarding anything going on in day to day life. These worries cause a burden on the muscles and result in pain in them. This normally happens around the shoulders and neck area where there are higher chances of muscle ache and are targeted the most.

While there are a number of causes of muscle ache, side by side, there are also a lot of natural and easy to use ways at home that can be effective.

Apart from these natural remedies, it is important to understand that most of the muscle pulls occur from wrong postures during exercise or yoga or sometimes even from skipping warm-ups and cool-downs before and after exercises. There is a reason for them to exist and should not be avoided.

Consumption of natural relaxants at home in the form of tea are highly beneficial for muscle aches. Examples are of green tea, kratom tea and chamomile tea. These teas contain powerful antioxidants and alkaloids which help calm down the nerves and muscles leading to their relaxation. This helps with reduced pain in the body. Alongside that, they also stimulate endorphins in the body which naturally elevate the mood.

Lavender can be used in the form of soap, spray or bath bomb to calm the body down and help it to relax. Lavender is a known natural relaxant and is believed to help with muscle tightening and relaxing.

With all these remedies, heat spray or cold pack can also be used for minor injuries.

By no means is any injury or pain insignificant and it should be kept in mind that with all this pain, there is a message that is being sent by the body. We need to listen and understand that message and react accordingly. If the pain is continuous or is increasing, no time should be wasted into seeing a doctor or a consultant as the matter could be serious.

Author: Robin Gupta