Four bed bug control methods used by professionals

Sleep should be a peaceful restorative experience you look forward to at the end of each day. However, if you have bed bugs, you know that sleeping peacefully is a dream (unlike the actual dreams you should be having). With those pesky insects interrupting your much-deserved sleep, it may be time to apply do-it-yourself elimination methods or enlist professionals like Detroit bed bug control. Here are some of the ways the professionals will use;

Mechanical control

When it comes to mechanical control, you have a choice between simple, cost-effective devices or industry-specialized, expensive tools. One thing to note about mechanical methods is that they may not be a realistic approach towards elimination. However, professionals can use these devices to help you determine how severe the infection is during the examination process. One common mechanical method is vacuuming.

Heat treatment

This method is excellent for those people who want to use a chemical-free control method. Another reason to use heat treatment is that many pests have become resistant to pesticides; you are, therefore, not sure if they will work. So how does heat treatment work? Heat treatment involves raising the temperature of the building, room, or the bed bug’s hiding spots above a particular temperature that kills them and their eggs. It’s not enough to only raise the air temperature as the bed bug may not feel the heat effects, for example, if they are in a cold spot. It may be more expensive than other control methods.

Chemical control

There are many registered products that professionals can use when eliminating bed bugs in your home. Consumers can use many of the registered products, but some require a specially trained professional. Some chemicals classes found in these pesticides include pyrethrins, desiccants, neonicotinoids, and biochemicals. For chemical applications to be effective, it is highly recommended that the pesticide used has chemicals from different classes. This is because they kill using various methods, and therefore the bed bugs have a lower chance of becoming resistant.


The same way that high temperatures can be harmful to bed bugs, the cold can too. However, bed bugs can survive in relatively cold temperatures for a few days. They need extreme cold like 0° F to die. Professionals can use the extreme cooling properties of liquid CO2 to kill the bed bugs instantly. This is another excellent method that can be applied for those who do not want chemical methods. The CO2 used work quickly, killing the bed bugs even in places that other methods cannot reach. It is effective for killing bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle.

The professionals have their part to play in bed bug elimination, but you also have some preventive and control measures you can apply. For example, by inspecting hotel and motel rooms for bed bugs and cleaning your clothes after a vacation, you can prevent yourself from bringing bed bugs back to your home. If you have bed bugs, stress no more, a professional should be able to help you eliminate them so that you are sleeping soundly in your bed again.