Dogs Take Care Of Your Health

There have been many studies that show how our pets take good care of our health, and this article will tell you how your dog takes care of you in particular. But if you plan on having a dog you should also have a good vet with you, like the St Ives vet like Gordon Vet Hospital.

  1. Improving your health

There were many studies about this in particular, and they have shown that dogs are able to make our heart much stronger. A canine companion is linked to reducing cholesterol, lower blood pressure and decreases triglyceride levels. All of this together is what helps us not have a heart attack, as it straightens our heart work in general.

Dogs are great companions

  1. Healthier lifestyle

Since dogs are active animals in general, they will help you improve your lifestyle as well. So if you are a couch potato, getting a dog is what you might need to get you on your feet, because dog owners are required to take long walks and spend more time with their pet, who prefers to run around and play.

By keeping our lifestyle as active as possible, we will be mobile even in our 80s. In another study for the Gerontologist, it showed that older adults who walked their dog when needed had a lower body mass, minimum to no body limitations for their age, few to none doctor necessary visits and great exercises that made them feel good.

  1. Get rid of extra

Because of their active lifestyle, they will not only encourage you to get up and do something fun, but by doing that, you will also be able to lose weight quite easily. This is because an hour of exercise a day, be it walking running or playing with your dog, is all you need for a healthier life and body. If you want a good vet to take care of your dog, then visit

  1. No stress

There is a reason why therapy dogs tend to be more effective and that is simply because just by spending a few minutes with their owner they are able to lower the stress, anxiety, blood pressure and increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin. However, dogs will do this for all humans and not just their owners.

Kids are much happier and less likely to get sick when they grow up with a dog

  1. Depression

Another thing our furry friend can help us with is depression and sadness overall. Both dogs and cats make great companions and have shown to help their humans get over a lost loved one much easier than with the help of humans. Many people have said that they would rather spend time with their pet in the time of sadness than with another human.

  1. Great for kids

Animals make great companions for children and they help them learn more about empathy and help them develop better social skills. On top of that, a dog will never make your kids feel lonely, sad or bored, and they are also very helpful for their future as they are known to lessen the probability of your kids developing allergies.

Final word

This article talks about dogs in particular, but that does not mean that other pets are not just as great. It is all up to you, but the fact is that our pets will love us unconditionally and without any judgment. And a life with a pet is a much happier one, for both adults and children. So, if you have kids, make sure they grow up in a family pet-friendly environment.