Are You Unhappy with Your Current Office Cleaning Company?

Cleaning contracts can be pretty lucrative, but it’s not uncommon for business owners to be a little wary when it comes to their own hired cleaner. If your office has been hiring cleaners from the same company for a long time, just ask yourself the following questions:

Cleaning contracts

  • Am I happy with the cleaning service?
  • Can I communicate directly with them easily?
  • Is the cleaning done to a high enough standard?
  • Has the cleaning work become sloppy recently?

The Importance of a Clean Office

All business leaders understand how important it is to have a clean office for employees to work in. No staff member wants to come in on a Monday morning to find the remains of last Friday’s after hours office party strewn all over the floor. Nor do they want to have to deal with full rubbish bins and dirty floors!

When a workspace has been professionally cleaned, it has the following impacts:

  • It makes all staff members feel good about coming to work.
  • It makes all staff members feel like their employers care about their welfare.
  • Everyone can start fresh each day in a clean environment!

Of course, all of these factors are important, but it is also crucial from an occupational health and safety perspective that the workplace is cleaned regularly. No employers want to have to deal with legal issues if an employee gets sick due to working in an unclean workplace!

Are You Happy with Your Current Cleaner?

All of these are good reasons why most workplaces hire third-party cleaners. In most cases, these contract cleaners enter the premises after hours each night, on an agreed schedule, to clean. The problem is that not all cleaning companies or contract cleaners are equal. In fact, lots of business leaders are not happy with their current cleaners for a variety of reasons, which include lack of communication and haphazard cleaning standards.

The good news is that companies like understand these woes and have developed cleaning services that are second to none. So, what would be the sorts of things that the ideal cleaning company would offer? Just consider the following:

  • A high standard of cleaning every single time.
  • Easy to communicate with just in case there are any questions or problems to be addressed.
  • Transparent work practices through real time reporting via an application, including photos of clean areas.

A new century surely means a new kind of cleaning company should be in charge of your company’s cleaning contract – one that prioritises good communication with its customers and a high standard of cleaning that is reported back to the client in real time through clever integration with current technologies.