Anouk Govil Shares How Kayaking Benefits Just As Meditation

In the fast-paced world when mental stress, overpowering workload and overtiredness happen to be a common part of individual life, being out under the blue sky, fresh air and a water life outdoor activity is likely to be the best meditation plan for you. Apart from discharging the heaps of thoughts that race through your brain, an open water activity also offers you the required breathing space, pleasure and relaxation. Which is why; you will find students to professionals and youngsters to elderly in the US are habituated to leave for Kayaking especially during the weekends, holidays and in their free times. Having grown in the striking metropolis Ventura that falls amid Los Angeles and Santa Barbara California, Anouk Govil is a promising student of Biology and loves entertaining the blue waves of beach life. She is an avid of the most exhilarating water outdoor events like kayaking, canoeing, surfing and snorkeling.

As per opinion of the sparkling Californian lady that when it comes to a Kayaking, the outdoor activity helps you attain the benefits of a complete workout session. Not only, the water game refreshes one’s mental health but the activity extends immense heath benefits to a kayaker. For individuals who are victim of depression disorders or sleep disorders and typically misjudge the extent of their enthusiasm and self worth, with a kayaking activity they can achieve thorough change in the way they think by having a spirited mental wellbeing.

Taking A Note of the Key Advantages of Kayaking From Anouk Govil

Regardless of whether you go to the gym center, spend some good bucks and get a whole body spa massage or walk for few miles, keep in mind that none of these activities can be measured with the degree of mental calmness and tranquility that you get out of a kayaking activity.

Refresh your mind

Depending on your expertise level, whether you float on a calm water body like lake water or river water having high current requires you involve in continuous physical action of paddling with deep concentration. Your involvement in the activity automatically drains the stress hazards blocked in your brain and make you think positive. Most importantly, by undergoing this   great activity you’re likely to enjoy a sound sleep at night that solidifies your brainpower and energizes to kick-start an active and productive day.

Boosts your focus

The activity of kayaking involves continuous paddling; maintaining body balance and attention to direction-finding while you should be vigilant about the position of other kayakers beside you to avoid collision. This needs high scale of concentration that eventually makes you more focused to all your activities.

Enhances confidence level

Mental depression and overstress that tolls heavily on your confidence level; once you engage in this popular outdoor event, during the course you will come across different class of people. As you start sharing your feeling and let them reciprocate, you will start gaining the approach of becoming social and friendly to the mass. This increases your confidence level to a great extent.

The California State University student Anouk Govil is also a passionate singer and music lover. She is fond of joining open music competitions and has expertise in photography too.