Advantages of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Oral health is essential for good overall health. Certain factors such as age or gum diseases lead to permanent decaying or loss of teeth. Often accidents occur which cause teeth to be broken or misshapen.

However, tooth restoration procedures such as crowns and bridges enable you to replace your missing teeth and function to their ideal efficiency. In Richmond, crowns and bridges of excellent quality can be found at Dr Juan Carrillo’s dentistry practice.

What is a Dental Crown?

A Dental Crown acts as a cap for your damaged or decaying tooth. It stretches over the top portion of your tooth without touching the roots to strengthen it. They provide an extra layer of protection to your teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A Dental Bridge replaces an entire tooth by the attachment of an artificial tooth to adjoining teeth. It “bridges” the gaps between your teeth. It carries out all the functions of a regular tooth.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Dental Crown Or Bridge

  1. Redistribution Of The Force of Chewing

With the loss of a tooth, the rest of your teeth have an uneven distribution of force, leading to further damage. A tooth crown or bridge provides support in place of the gap and enables you to chew and swallow food properly, which leads to better digestion.

  1. Makes Speaking Easier

It is more difficult to speak due to disruption in the position of your teeth. A missing tooth can also make you develop a lisp. With the presence of a replacement tooth, you no longer feel uncomfortable communicating and can pronounce words correctly.

  1. Prevents Formation of Diseases

A missing tooth leads to the formation of an area that is harder to clean properly and is more prone to infections by different bacteria. It can cause cavities, gum diseases or excess plaque build-up, called tartar, which leads to tooth decay. Getting a tooth replacement helps to maintain good oral hygiene.

  1. Prevents Misalignment of The Jaw. 

Your teeth hold in place the structure of your jaw, and empty spaces can cause other teeth to shift and change the shape of your bite. Not only does this make you lose the shape of your face and make it appear hollow, but it also leads to earaches and chronic headaches. Crowns and Bridges help you retain the structure of your bones as well as prevent harmful possibilities.

  1. Comfort

Your Crowns and Bridges are made specifically for your teeth. Your dentist creates a mould according to your teeth and gum structure to ensure perfect alignment and painless functioning. They are available in a wide range of materials, including metals like stainless steel, porcelain, and dental raisin. You can choose according to your dentist’s guidance, budget and personal preference.

  1. Boosts Self Confidence

People with decaying or missing teeth are often insecure about their appearances and hesitate to smile and talk freely. With their realistic appearances, a crown or bridge restores the patient’s smile and improves their self morale. It provides long-lasting effects, as they last for about 5-15 years, proving to be a worthwhile investment for your physical and mental health.