6 Popular SEO Myths Everyone Needs To Know About

If there will be facts, there will be myths and the field of SEO is no different. With passage of time, the Search Engine Optimization techniques have been changing, as the algorithm for page rankings are continuously updated by different search engines. As a result of this, what might have formerly been a fact has turned into myth with new SEO practices, which many of the SEO firms are yet to realize.

It is very much necessary to know what the facts and myths regarding SEO are, in order to come up with a webpage which has been optimized effectively. So, let us have a look at some of the popular myths related to SEO:

  1. Higher number of keywords results in higher rank!

One of the most popular myths related to SEO is that higher number of keywords result in higher ranking of the webpage. It is said that at one point of time, Google ranked the webpages as per the number of keywords present in them. This lead to malpractices where SEO firms tried to put in as many keywords in the pages which lead to higher ranking, but the content was not up to the mark.

Ideally, the density of keywords in the writing should vary from 1-2% i.e. 1 or 2 keywords every 100 words.

  1. SEO is a one-time work

Another myth that keeps on roaming in the market is that SEO is a one-time deed, once you do it, the rankings of the websites will be maintained for rest of the time. However, this is not true because of the fact that page ranking algorithms are changed continuously in order to overcome the malpractices. So, as any good SEO firm would suggest, the SEO has to be a continuous process, unlike a one-time deed.

  1. Higher number of backlinks lead to higher rank!

Another one of those old-school thoughts which still remains in the market is that higher number of back links leads to better rankings. But as it is said, too much or too less of anything is bad and the number of backlinks are no exception to this proverb. Too many backlinks in a single page is not considered a good SEO practice anymore. The quality of the backlink is what the Google check and it has to be relevant to the topic rather than being anything. So, next time you are doing Search Engine Optimization, make sure the backlinks are of good quality, rather than being in high quantity.

  1. Successful SEO is synonymous to higher rank

Ask most of the SEO firms what their main target is for their clients and they would say their main target is to achieve higher ranking for the webpages. However, it is a misconception which necessarily needs some correction. If you have higher ranking but nobody clicks on your link because of poor metadata or unimpressive heading, the ranking will not make much sense. So, make sure that clicks are achieved too rather than only higher ranking.

  1. Header is the most important thing

The top heading which is referred to as H1 these days is considered by many SEO firms as the most important part of the SEO. However, it is not true as the first paragraph which follows the first heading is equally important and is often checked before determining how good or how bad the webpage should be ranked.

  1. Small companies do not need SEO

Another one of those which has been shattered with passage of time is that the small firms do not need the support of SEO firms. However, the only path which can lead you to growth passes through the street named SEO. SEO will lead to more expansion and much more exposure for the smaller firms too, thus making it a necessity rather than a luxury. So, next time an SEO firm approaches you, make sure you listen attentively to their offer rather than disconnecting the call saying you do not need it.

You need to aware of these six false myths that are commonly believed by many people and we hope that this article helped you on some level.