5 Facts you didn’t know about Shopify SEO

When a person uses Shopify to sell their goods they can get support with the website and can get qualified leads. There is more to using this site then just posting quality items for sale. Shopify SEO is essential for using this site and staying ahead of the competition. These are five tips to have run a successful Shopify SEO campaign.

  1. Use Keywords

It is important to select the keywords carefully. SEO is the main component of ranking so it is important to find keywords that will relate to the site. These keywords should be easy to search and should be directly related to the content of the site.

To find keywords that will best fit the site a person should first find words that will relate to their brand or the products that are being sold. This will help potential customers find the site. These keywords should be terms that are commonly used by people shopping and looking for a certain product.

The keywords need to be specific enough so that customers will be able to find the site and the products that they are selling.

  1. Optimize the Keywords

Once a person has narrowed down their list to keywords they need to show how the words are relevant to the site and it is important to put them in the correct areas on the website. The keywords should be placed on the title page and in any meta descriptions that are found on the site.

Page headers and the content within the page should also contain the keywords. Any images and videos should have the keywords somewhere in their description. When possible the keyword should be placed in the URL of the website. The search engines will use this information for the keywords and rate the Shopify site based on their and the content.

  1. Organize the Shopify Site

The structure of the Shopify site should be well organized and it should be easy for the user to search. There are some tips for making the site well-organized and allowing the keywords to stand out.

The categories of the site should be placed in a logical order and by importance to the customers. Do not embed external websites on this Shopify site. The URL of the site should relate to its content and should be simple to try in and for customers to remember.

  1. Register with Search Engines

When a customer is searching on Shopify they want to make sure the site is safe. To show that the site is safe and allow the keywords to be effective the site should be registered on a search engine including Google.

 A person should sign their store with the Google Console and verify the meta tags. They will get an online code and should spread this on to their Shopify site. This will allow the user to trust the site and increase the ranking of the store.

  1. Create Valuable Content

To boost the ranking of the site a person can add quality content to their Shopify store. In addition to the content for sale, they can publish a blog, add useful articles, and help clients in their search for products. The content should be related to the keywords and should contain the keywords. There should be backlinks to the content. The content should be at least 500 words and relate to the site.

These are some tips to increase the Shopfly ranking. These SEO tips can help a person have their store appear near the top of the search results and will help a person increase their business.