3 Indian Jugaads which took creativity and innovation to the next level

Nothing could be as resourceful and helpful as Jugaad. The Jugaad is the best option when you run out of any other alternatives to seeking help from. Some Indians have managed to manufacture some latest Jugaad making them extremely helpful for common citizens. Jugaad is a permanent solution to some commonly occurring problems. This is a word of Hindi origin that connotes creative improvisation. Therefore, Jugaad is the best solution for any randomly occurring fix in your household. Read on to know more about three Jugaad incidents that is the best example of the creative and innovative mind.

Jugaadoffering a smooth ride 

This is an excellent option of Jugaad which is doing wonders on the streets of Gujarat. The main purpose of thisJugaad is to prevent bike riders during the famous festival of Uttarayan. It is a popular kite festival in the state. The wire frame in front of the bike helps deflect manjas affecting the riders. In addition, it also ensures that the riders are able to ride during the festival smoothly.

Machine that quenches your thirst

You must be thinking about refrigerator right. It might sound like a joke, but the truth is that machines are available that can easily quench your thirst. Punjabis, with their never-ending love for lassi has introduced a machine similar to that of a washing machine. It makes cold lassi whenever you need it. With this, the Punjabis can easily satisfy their thirst for cold lassi.

Creative Jugaad similar to a wheelchair

Though it might look similar to a wheelchair, it has some differences in its manufacturing and designing. It does the same work as that of a wheelchair. But surprisingly, it can be easily roll over staircases. The wheel mechanism at the back of the machine enables it to roll it easily over staircases. When going up or down a staircase, it does not need the help of a plank. Therefore, the creative mind of the manufacturer is highly appreciable.

Therefore, if you are looking for Jugad meaning in Hindi, it is a makeshift solution. The creative invention is a combination of science, art, and philosophy. A resourceful mechanic or electrician can come up with the best Jugaad after proper experiments that would fix the problem easily.

The need for Jugaad takes place when things need to be made from scarce resources. The things are in need of the daily life of Indians. Along with the scarcity of resources, there is also a deficit of money and material. Due to this, the resulting item is called Jugaad. Therefore, this Jugaad is a one-stop solution for everyday problems that might crop up at any time.

Why is Jugaad considered as a promising alternative?

The main aim of Jugaad is to prepare the item required with the limited sources of materials available. Even when manufacturing something important, the person has to make the thing with only the available items with proper use of his or her creativity. Also, the person has to be skilled enough so that he is aware of the best uses of the available items.Several examples of Jugaad are coming up these days, and each of them proves to be effective for the users. Therefore, Jugaad is rightly known as a promising alternative that is cost-effective. In addition, its main focus is to produce something which is inexpensive, profitable and eco-friendly at the same time.