Woodlands Campuses to Visit Today

Alright, do you have a kid looking for a place to go after 6 pm? Or are you in the market for a new school for your little one? Either way, here is a list of 8 Woodlands campuses worth checking out and via online at https://woodlandelc.com/.

1. Woodlands sunshine west

The school prides itself on its athletic facilities and activities, including eight tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts with one-on-one basketball games, a large gymnasium, and an indoor swimming pool. The culinary program features international cuisine to feed the pupils after class.

2. Woodlands Sunbury

The school also specializes in international cuisine and offers its pupils a dual language (English and Chinese) program. Instead of taking after-school care, the school provides on-site daycare.

3. Woodlands Moorooka

This school is one of the most exclusive places to send your kid; it only accepts 200 pupils a year with only 40 vacancies. The school promotes sports and has an art, crafts, and science area where kids can participate in activities such as drama classes and a dance studio. The music program archives more than 100 CDs for its pupils.

4. Woodlands grange hill

If you are having trouble deciding which school is the right fit for your child, then this school may be the solution. This one focuses on sports and has extensive grounds accommodating up to 2,000 students. There is also an indoor activity center that features a gymnastics and dance studio for creative development and a library where kids can read or study before class.

5. Woodlands Sunridge

Students at this school are known to be very athletic and participate in games such as touch football in their free time. The school also offers music classes and trips abroad for interested parents to join in on.

6. Woodlands St. Luke’s

The school has an extreme music, drama, and dance program that teaches students about performance. The school also hosts an annual summer concert for its students; anyone can participate in the rehearsals for free.

7. Woodlands proton

This school prides itself on its facilities, including three gyms, six tennis courts (two clay courts), soccer and netball courts, and an indoor basketball court. There is also a Japanese garden where pupils can play games under the supervision of the teachers.

8. Woodlands bonds

The school is located in the Woodlands, a suburb only 12km from the city center. The school prides itself in its sports program, as it hosts boxing and martial arts lessons and on-site personal trainers to participate in different sports. The school also has an iMac room to encourage students to study independently.


Even if you don’t send your kid to one of these schools, you can still make a trip to any of them and check it out at https://woodlandelc.com/. They are all awe-inspiring places and will keep your kids occupied while they wait for their future.