What is the best age to get mammography done?

A mammogram isx-ray procedure which is useful in early detection of breast cancer if signs are present. This mammogram is the best diagnostic tool especially for doctors. Because it visualizes the breast and helps the doctors to know if there are any kind of breast calcifications present. If you are looking to get this mammogram done at budget friendly prices visitmammogram screening in Vernon, NJ where they provide you with accurate results. The procedure of mammogram is very easy you need not get panic for this you need to stand in front of the X ray machine and place your breast on the plate provided. Once you place the breast from the above the other plate will be firmly pressing the lower plate. by doing this the breast becomes flat and is ready for the imagine

How the procedure of mammogram done

The mammogram procedure is usually indicated about the age of 40 years and if it has to be done before that page then a lot of safety measures as well as preventative care should be taken because at this. The breast is more susceptible for radiation and there are chances of developing calcifications within the breast.

In order to prevent this happening a lot of safety measures are taken if the procedure has to be done below the age of 40 and if you are looking for such kind of breast imaging center who will take all the preventive measures then visit mammogram screening in Vernon, NJ where they provide you with the best imaging

For imaging of breast the patient stood in front of the exclamation and place the breast over the plastic plate which was provided and then there is upper plate which presses the breast so that the breast is made flatter so that the imaging will be very clear enough

 Once the imaging is done the X ray film is sent to the doctor offer visualizing any kind of calcifications which are present within the breast once if they are detected then that treatment processor is started depending upon the size of micro calcifications and also number of calcifications

 So my suggestion is if you want to get this procedure done then you need to visit the best experience radiologist then only they will provide you with the accurate results and if you are looking for the same then visit the above mentioned site.