Move from shopping on your laptop to your phone

Smartphone shopping apps are easy and convenient, and you can choose from the season’s latest picks with just a few clicks.

There was a time, when online shopping was relatively new in India, when most consumers did not trust the digital shopping medium at all. There were reasons for this, starting with people’s shopping habits. Most people did not like to shop for clothes, shoes and even groceries without getting a feel of them first. Another reason was that of online security – it must be said that most early online shopping platforms were not fully secure. They were also not without kinks – the wrong orders would get delivered, or cancelled at the last minute, or there would be less stocks.

But over the years, the online shopping space has grown into a veritable minefield of the latest products across various categories. Online shopping sites have refined their inventory, delivery and purchase processes to such an extent, that there really is no reason for any person to step out of their homes to buy even a pack of tissue paper. Accordingly, many tech savvy users have taken to online shopping like a fish to water: it is fast, cost effective and reliable. It is not uncommon to see a person shopping for new clothes or even paying their bills on their laptops at work or home.

If you have also graduated to using online shopping instead of offline store shopping, then it may be time to consider switching from shopping solely on the laptop to shopping using your smartphone. Just arm yourself with a good shopping app and get started.

Why shop using a smartphone app?

One of the reasons you like online shopping is because of the convenience it offers you. For a busy individual like yourself, time is of the essence. You don’t want to fritter it away by spending long hours at the stores.

However, you end up limiting yourself when you shop exclusively using your laptop. Not only must you carry the laptop with you wherever you go if you wish to shop, but you must also log in every time you wish to open your preferred site. You may certainly bookmark the site for faster navigation, but you will agree that it is slightly cumbersome to be tied to a big device like the laptop or desktop computer.

In contrast, shopping using an app on your phone ensures that you have ready access to all that you need with just a few clicks on your phone. Chances are that your phone is always on your person, so you can shop at any time, from anywhere.

Another reason to switch from using a laptop to a smartphone for shopping, is that of security. This is true for those who shop using open public Internet connections outside the house. It is easy enough for a hacker to steal your card data when you transact from an open connection. However, when you use your phone’s data connection to shop, you are spared this problem.

All in all, it is faster and more convenient to shop online using your smartphone rather than from a computer.