How NOT to use an electric trimmer

You could be using it wrong. Here’s how you use it right

Electric trimmers have been used by men for years now. They are great for maintaining a stylish stubble, or keeping a beard under control. But women, too, have taken to trimmers in a big way, though obviously for other reasons. Women use them for trimming the excess hair on their faces and bikini lines.

But there are many ways in which you can get the use of the trimmer really wrong. This article looks at some of the common misconceptions about trimmers, and presents the right information about them.

* It is not a shaver.

You might falsely think that a trimmer can be used exactly like an electric shaver, whose primary function is to shave the hair off the face. A trimmer is a smaller device that only removes stray hair and smaller hair on the skin.

* Do not use it instead of waxing or depilation.

This is an elaboration on the earlier point, viz. the electric trimmer is not to be used on large tracts of skin. You may certainly use it to remove fine fuzz or straggling stray hair on the skin left behind after waxing or depilation. However, its primary use is in removing excess hair from the face, particularly the upper lip, sideburns, jawline, chin and even eyebrows. It can also be used to trim the excess hair in the bikini line. In short, it is a quick and painless hair removal method for the sensitive areas of the body, and also for last minute touch-ups.


* It has different heads for different parts of the face – use the right ones.

Just like a good electric shaver, an electric trimmer comes with different heads. The tiniest one is used to shape the eyebrows, while the mid-sized one is used to trim the hair on the cheeks, sideburns, chin, upper lip and jawline. The largest head is used to trim hair from the bikini line. Use the right heads when using the trimmer – read the instruction manual carefully before the first use.

* It requires proper care though it is a sturdy little instrument.

The electric trimmer has metal heads inlaid in hard plastic, and the entire assembly is battery operated. It requires periodic care, in that the trimmed hair must be cleaned out of the heads using the little brush provided. You can even lightly rinse the trimmer.

 heads in water and dry them on a soft cloth. Do not use harsh cleaning soaps on the device, and remember to remove the battery cell if the trimmer is not in use for long.